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  1. Ringstone Round
    by The Heartwood Institute
    A superb suite of music, and a great call back to Nigel Kneale’s amazingly prescient QUATERMASS. Hearing the voices of Kickalong and Kapp - opposite ends of the spectrum of reason in a crumbling world - over the ominous tones and beats of these pieces is a thrilling and atmospheric experience.
  2. Where Black Stars Rise
    by The Unquiet Void
  3. Closet Space
    by The Unquiet Void
  4. So Comes the Yawning Darkness
    by The Unquiet Void
  5. Scorpio (20th Anniversary Remaster)
    by The Unquiet Void (ie. Jason Wallach)
  6. The Secrets Of Vanished Aeons
    by The Unquiet Void
    by The Unquiet Void
  8. The Seance
    by Ronal Kayser
  9. The Ordeal of Wooden-Face
    by Hal K. Wells
  10. TENTACLES: A Lovecraftian Audio Drama
    by Ian Gordon
    A bit of a departure for HorrorBabble, I really enjoyed the “found footage” podcast format for this tale. Hopefully we’ll get hear more of these in future.
  11. At the Mountains of Madness (Original Soundtrack)
    by Cthulhu Mythos - H.P. Lovecraft Horror Music
  12. Horror in Lovecraft Country - 2 Hours of Music for Lovecraftian Gaming
    by Cthulhu Mythos - H.P. Lovecraft Horror Music
  13. The Yellow Sign
    by Cthulhu Mythos - H.P. Lovecraft Horror Music
  14. THE DUNWICH HORROR: A Dramatic Adaptation
    by H. P. Lovecraft
  15. Walls of the Dead Volume Two: A Haunted House Collection
    by Various Authors
  16. The House of Shadows
    by Mary Elizabeth Counselman
  17. The Crooked Smile
    by Bryan Irvine
  18. The House of Living Music
    by Edmond Hamilton
    A fantastically eerie tale!
  19. The Fear Experiment: Special Edition
    by Ian Gordon
  20. The Secret of Kralitz
    by Henry Kuttner