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  1. Some Dreams Come True
    by Atmøsphäre
  2. Moments in Golden Light
    by poemme
  3. Specdub - Zip Code Album (Remastered)
    by Specdub
  4. Sean Etienne - Blickwinkel (Specdub Remix)
    by Specdub
  5. Bigasti & Eleonora - Baïkal (Doyeq RMX)
    by Doyeq
  6. Fireworks
    by Doyeq
  7. Maybe You And Me EP
    by Bjorn Rohde
    Maybe You And Me (Enhanced Mix) Maybe You And Me (Enhanced Mix)
    Perfect type of ambient music where the loops are like slow breathing or like small waves rolling up and down on the shoreline. Simple and you don't mind looping the song for a long while.
  8. Vanishing Forms
    by Hotel Neon
    Burning Mist Burning Mist
    One of the most striking releases I've heard in a while. It takes a special talent to make such emotive songs that reach right into the listener and make you feel something in your heart. Like the description says: This music is like opening your eyes and facing a boundless ocean, with an intense realization that this very moment is all there is.
  9. Atmosphere for Dreaming
    by Steve Roach
  10. Apperception
    by Innesti
  11. Rapture
    by Tropics
    Not Enough Not Enough
    Talented musician and singer. His voice has an impressive range. Touching, intimate, soulful music. A hint of melancholy throughout. A favorite find of mine on Bandcamp
  12. Offering to the Morning Fog
    by Robert Rich
  13. Embrace
    by Ex Confusion
  14. Seraphim
    by How To Disappear Completely
  15. in the forests_the animals are moving
    by mark harris
    A deep journey and it develops wonderfully over the duration. You definitely feel like your transported elsewhere by listening to this. Or at least invoked with a relaxed dream-like state. The long write up about the making and inspiration behind the music is pretty cool as well
  16. The Boy Observes The Ocean
    by Mark Harris
    The Boy Observes The Ocean The Boy Observes The Ocean
    Very dream-like. A hidden gem. Each song threads together for a deep journey. Look for Mark Harris' "In the forests the animals are moving" release on n5md label.
  17. Self
    by Eternell
    Planes Planes
    Q: Why do you love this album?
    A: Made me feel at peace

    (heard on Ambient Sleeping Pill and came here to buy)
  18. Eyelashes Of Lanterns
    by Doyeq
    04. doyeq - train travel 04. doyeq - train travel
    Artistic blend of classical, jazz and IDM. Feels like a fresh approach to electronica even though it was apparently created back in 2010. Glad to have finally discovered via Soundcloud and then purchase on bandcamp.
  19. Planetarium
    by Mnemonic45
    Doppler Shift Doppler Shift
    Doppler Shift is an amazing track, put it on loop and just relax. Heard on Ambient Sleeping Pill.
  20. Slow Day
    by Horizon Diver
    Incredibly soothing. Had this on loop while at work. Acted as powerful stress reliever during a hectic day.