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  1. Peace To All Who Enter Here
    by Josh Garrels
  2. The Scarifyers: The King of Winter
    by Bafflegab Productions
  3. Le cirque
    by Canailles
  4. Vince Cosmos: Glam Rock Detective
    by Bafflegab Productions
  5. Under Veiled Light
    by Dave Gerard & the Watchmen
  6. 151a
    by Kishi Bashi
  7. The Scarifyers: The Thirteen Hallows
    by Bafflegab Productions
  8. The Scarifyers: The Magic Circle
    by Bafflegab Productions
    A nosy Professor A nosy Professor
    Installment six of the Scarifyers.
    Lionheart is missing, so Dunning teams up with ex-copper Harry ‘Thumper’ Crow. The only clue to his disappearance seems to lie in an old unsolved murder investigation. Magicians are being murdered and the dead are rising, and what is that smell? Can our heroes uncover the mystery and find Lionheart?
  9. The Scarifyers: The Horror of Loch Ness
    by Bafflegab Productions
  10. The Scarifyers: The Secret Weapon of Doom
    by Bafflegab Productions
    Jimmy the Spiv Jimmy the Spiv
    Adventure number five of the Scarifyers. In this episode Lionheart is forced to team up with Victor Bright of MI13 to investigate the disappearance of a "super weapon"... Meanwhile an incapacitated Dunning turns back to his literary life but finds the absence of his good friend Lionheart a little hard to bare.
  11. The Scarifyers: The Curse of the Black Comet
    by Bafflegab Productions
    Nefertiti's Tomb, 1923 Nefertiti's Tomb, 1923
    Installment four of the Scarifyers. Dunning (Terry Molloy) and Lionheart (Nicholas Courtenay) trek the globe in the latest adventure "The Curse of the Black Comet". London to Egypt via the Scottish Highlands to uncover the mysteries behind the death of intrepid explorer Sir Basil Champion (Brian Blessed).
  12. The Scarifyers: For King and Country
    by Bafflegab Productions
    Borley Rectory Borley Rectory
    The third installment of the Scarifyers. Londoners are being killed at the hands of their own household appliances... who ya gonna call? Dunning and Lionheart of course. If zombies and the walking dead are your thing then don't miss this latest supernatural adventure from Dunning and Lionheart.
  13. The Scarifyers: The Devil of Denge Marsh
    by Bafflegab Productions
    We Are Witches We Are Witches
    The second adventure of the Scarifyers. Follow the exploits of Profesor Dunning and Inspector Lionheart as they uncover Lovecraftian goings-on, RAF experiments and... melting ministers~!!
  14. The Scarifyers: The Nazad Conspiracy (Special Edition)
    by Bafflegab Productions
    The Visitor The Visitor
    The first adventure of the Scarifyers.
    Comedic radio drama at its best. Fantastic audio quality, and one hell of a good laugh. Supernatural crime fighting set in 1930s' Britain. If you can imagine a Tintin, Ghostbusters, HP Lovecraft mash-up then you're on the right track.
  15. Hi-Hat Club Vol. 1 - Testiculo Y Uno
    by Hulk Hodn & Twit One
  16. Hi​-​Hat Club Vol. 3 - The Jazz Files
    by Dexter
  17. L'amour c'est pas grave
    by guappecarto'
  18. Ancient Future
    by Willits + Sakamoto
  19. Samorost 2 Soundtrack (Free DWNLD)
    by Tomáš Dvořák
  20. Manger du bois
    by Canailles