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  1. Cell Phone Bikini
    by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
    Truth Blinds Us Truth Blinds Us
  2. Arañas en La Sombra
    by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
    El Vacio El Vacio
    Music most likely made for a TMV LP as evidenced by the existence of music from the infamous 2013 "Ramrod Tapes" leaks, this is the oldest of the 2016 releases & is indeed a great LP. Loud & chaotic with songs spanning multiple tracks, It's as close to a TMV record as we are gonna get. The only complaint, of course, is it sounds like it was mixed inside of a soup can. An EQ can help with that. The proof of Omar's mad genius continues to shine. Keep em coming!!
  3. Sworn Virgins
    by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
    To Kill A Chi Chi To Kill A Chi Chi
    Omar has a wonderful singing voice as evidenced by his "Corazones" LP. Sworn Virgins is a frenetic, chaotic ride with Omar & Deantoni & the distorted lyrics add to the power of the overall piece. I think it is much better than the slew of electronic LP's we had in the last batch.
  4. Acoustics EP
    by yvette young
    a map a string a light a map a string a light
  5. Resonance↔line
    by 23.exe
    Resonance↔line Resonance↔line
  6. (untitled album)
    by Tera Melos
    Melody 1 Melody 1
    Wow. TM delivers again. Don't know how I missed this one. Love it when these dudes just jam. Awesome.
  7. Sianvar EP
    by Sianvar
    Sick Machine Sick Machine
    experimental. psychotic yet well balanced. remind me of TMV? sure. Still, great music on its own without the reference.
  8. Winter's Gone
    by nadie
    Simple. sweet. Omar's natural voice. More like this please.
  9. Echo On The Hills Of Knebworth
    by Tera Melos
    Echo On The Hills Of Knebworth Echo On The Hills Of Knebworth
    An hour of Math Rock chaos? Take my money please. (and hand me my calculator).