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  1. White Knight
    by Todd Rundgren
  2. Critical Seconds
    by Norman Allan
    Slightly quirky, mainstream rock with reggae and surf accents, from a time when caring about music still mattered.
  3. First Aid
    by Norman Allan
    Power pop from an era when rock and roll was still dangerous.
  4. EP 1
    by Black Canary
  5. EP2
    by Black Canary
  6. I Am Thor – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    by Thor
    An excellent overview of Thor's career, highlighting his best tracks and some odd side projects.
  7. Something Wicked (That Way Went)
    by Vernian Process
  8. Knife In The Water
    by The Krzysztof Komeda Trio
  9. Roman Two (From 'Knife In The Water')
    by Krzyztof Komedia
  10. Near a forest
  11. OBSESSION 2013
    by Michael Des Barres
  12. You're My Pain Killer (acoustic)
    by Michael Des Barres
  13. Hot 'n Sticky
    by Michael Des Barres
  14. 2014
    by Michael Des Barres
  15. Carnaby Street Encore Edition + Bonus Track
    by Michael Des Barres
  16. Crackle & Hiss
    by Michael Des Barres & The Mistakes
  17. Anarchy in the UK
    by Michael Des Barres
  18. Living In The U.S.A.
    by Michael Des Barres
  19. The Thirteenth Hour
    by AL1CE
    A worthy successor to Mankind is Obsolete, Al1ce makes really good music. Not as aggressive as MKIO, this is still dark and atmospheric yet somehow optimistic. More mature than mall goth, less cynical than pop metal, call it lite industrial.
  20. EATE
    by Niña Coyote eta Chico Tornado