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  2. Metal
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  1. Premonition
    by Taphos
  2. Demo MMXVI
    by Taphos
  3. Come Ethereal Somberness
    by Taphos
    by Taphos
  5. No King Reigns Eternal
    by Solothus
  6. Krupinské ohne
    by Malokarpatan
  7. The Eternal Resonance
    by Sweven
  8. Four Dimensional Flesh
    by Afterbirth
  9. Excreted From the Flesh
    by Hyperdontia
  10. Ergodic EP
    by Ergodic
  11. The Course Of Empire
    by Atlantean Kodex
  12. Jane Doe
    by Converge
  13. Black Tides Of Obscurity
    by Earth Rot
  14. Nespithe
  15. Of Rot and Ruin
    by Hath
  16. Demo '18
    by Gosudar
  17. 殞煞 Vengeful Spectre
  18. The Invocation Of The Deathless One
    by Apep
  19. Supreme Degradation
    by Ossuary
  20. Sentient Autolysis
    by Undeath
  21. Encased in Ice
    by Frozen Soul
  22. Immense Thickening Vomit
    by Mephitic Corpse
  23. Of Worms
    by FOUL
  24. Demo 2020
    by Fleshrot
  25. Rehearsal 3/3/19
    by Coffin Rot
  26. Coffin Rot Demo + Rehearsal Demo + Live Tracks
    by Coffin Rot
  27. 3
    by Kannabinõid
  28. Self Titled
    by An Isolated Mind
  29. Festering Carcinolith
    by Chaotian
  30. Sin Never Dies
    by Grave Ascension
  31. The Doomed City
    by Necropanther
  32. Place of Chains
    by Singularity
  33. Carnal Confessions
    by Fvneral Fvkk
    by GOJIRA
  35. Entrance to the Otherwhere (Death Metal)
    by ROGGA JOHANSSON (Sweden)
  36. Land of Weeping Souls (Death Metal)
    by PAGANIZER (Sweden)
  37. The Tower of the Morbid (Death Metal)
    by PAGANIZER (Sweden)
  38. Come The Tide (Death Metal)
    by ETERNAL STORM (Spain)
  39. Trinity of Deception (Death Metal)
    by BURIAL REMAINS (Netherlands)
  40. The Death of Gaia (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
    by OFFICIUM TRISTE (Netherlands)
  41. Lone (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
    by OAK (Portugal)
  42. Veil of Imagination
    by Wilderun
  43. Death Atlas
    by Cattle Decapitation
  44. Epitaph
    by Necrophagist
  45. The Inveterate Fire
    by Firelink