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Ending Circles

  1. Independence, Kansas
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  1. Morbid Majesties (Death Metal)
    by SADISTIK FOREST (Finland)
  2. Rule Of Nines
    by Spiritbox
  3. Blessed Be
    by Spiritbox
  4. Self Titled
    by Spiritbox
  5. Singles Collection
    by Spiritbox
  6. Metamorphosis
    by Agrypnie
  7. A Hill to Die Upon
    by Mental Cruelty
    Ultima Hypocrita Ultima Hypocrita
    Slamming Deathcore is what these guys did in the past. Not my thing so far tbh. With the addition of a fantastic Production and more importantly massive Blackened Symphic Death parts packed into Great Songs I just had to buy this. In the middle of the Album you hear their Slamming Deathcore roots a bit more only to let this Album end with almost two pure Blackened Death Smashers. Intense, brutal, beautiful and damn great. What a ride.
  8. Reflections
    by Assemble the Chariots
  9. Empress
    by Assemble the Chariots
  10. Dimensions Adrift
    by Throne of Exile
  11. The Final Tyranny
    by Demon King
  12. Polarity
    by Arttu Silvast
  13. This Too Shall Pass
    by Immorium
    Waves of Damnation Waves of Damnation
    Why am I the first person to write something here when the music is so FANTASTIC? Why hasnt a big Label picked this Band up so far? I cant recommend this Album enough. Epic Melodic Death Metal with Melodies to kneel down and a Vocalist that stands out. If you need a Band that sounds similar in style and Athmosphere I would say early Insomnium but better if thats possible. What an Album. This needs to get a bigger Audience and a VINYL Release. Flawless...
  14. Is Not Defeated
    by The Ascent of Everest
  15. Space
    by Dreamer
  16. Hollow
    by Dreamer
  17. Occhiolism
    by Hatalom
  18. Symphony Of The Night
    by Ulthima
  19. Μ.Ι.Α.
    by Conspiracy Of Zero
  20. A Black Death Incense
    by Seraph In Travail
    Stunning Symphonic Blackened Death. If you have a thing for Vocals in the vein of Cradle of Filth in their Vempire Days you will enjoy this even more.