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  1. Impetus
    by Hands That Lift The Oceans
    Giants Giants
  2. You Are Here Now
    by Heron
    Drop Drop
  3. Origins
    by White Ward
    Walls MMXV Walls MMXV
  4. Apophenia
    by Glasgow Coma Scale
    Syntagma Syntagma
  5. Solstice
    by Astralia
    Exhale Exhale
    Solstice is even better than Atlas. Thats crystal clear after the first couple of runs and Atlas was a very fine record. Better songs, improved songwriting, the sound is more crisp and powerful this time and you can hear every note of Igor Elgris celebrating his fantastic and groovy bass play. Listening to this record is like attending an Astralia show with great sound. It's like you're there. Post-Rock the way it should be. Without a doubt my favorite Record of 2017 so far.
  6. Elegeia
    by Faltre
    Failure is an Orphan... Failure is an Orphan...
    One of Post-Rocks best hidden secrets from 2016 so far. Faltre deliver powerful and heavy Post-Rock with crunchy guitars, heavy drums and very clever arranged songs. I haven't heard such a great and unique musical mixture of Post-Rock, Post-Metal, Doom and Post-Hardcore in 2016 before. Totally unbelievable that this is the Bands first release. Everything is top notch on this record from the fantastic songwriting, to the production, the Artwork and the listening experience itself. And look at the marvellous Double Vinyl Release of this album with the extra special artwork. Go and get this outstanding release from this german outfit right now. This will truly blow you away.
  7. Picturing A Sense Of Loss
    Ending Circles Ending Circles
    Deadwood have the ability to use the best parts of Post-Black Metal, Ambient and Post-Rock to create beautiful, moving and mournful music that is equally ferocious and intense.

    If you can imagine a brilliant and unique musical mixture in the vein of Deafheaven’s „Sunbather“, Alcest’s „Écailles de Lune“ & Lantlôs „Neon“ than you MUST hear this.
  8. Mourning Cloak
    by Underdark
    With Bruised & Bloodied Feet With Bruised & Bloodied Feet
    This Band might not be to well known so far but this should change with Mourning Cloak. Take the best parts of Deafheaven and Heaven in her arms and add some extra brutality and you will get an idea how these guys sound. Mourning Cloak delivers a unique blend of Black-Metal, Post-Black Metal and Screamo. If you listen careful you will discover the most beautiful and epic melodies that are perfectly woven into the fast parts. Also available on white vinyl through Sell Your Sell Records. Get this wonderful album now...
  9. Shipwrecks (EP)
    by Shipwrecks
    El Rumpelstilzo El Rumpelstilzo
    Hearing the EP was love at first listen. This Post-Rock Band has the ability to deliver classic, melodic Post-Rock but with the sense of hooks and melodies that will make their songs to stay in your head/ears for a long time. Standout music with melodies for eternity. I rate this and especially their Song "El Rumpelstilzo" in one league with this years releases from Spurv, April Rain, Caspian and alike. Seriously - it's that stunning ! Bring on some vinyl of this please, will buy it in a second.
  10. Dawn
    by George Will
    Aeon Aeon
  11. EP 2017
    by Those Who Dream By Day
    First First
  12. Human Instrumentality
    by Wayward Bound
    Second Impact Second Impact
  13. Di Dalam Fana EP
    by The Rights
    Menjadi Ada Menjadi Ada
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  14. Venjança
    by Dûrga
    Ôgenos / Amemasu Ôgenos / Amemasu
  15. Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet
    by Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet
    Avsked Avsked
    This album breathes uniqueness, beauty, heavyness and sadness through every single note. I haven't been that much surprised and overwhelmed by a band since the current Kokomo Album has been released this year. The perfect combination of Post-Rock, Post-Metal & some sludge elements are put together to create soundscapes and melodies you will never forget. Get the vinyl that is ltd. to 100 pieces. And the last song "Avsked" is not from this world.Over and out, so far my favorite Record from 2016 !
  16. If Wolves
    by kokomo
    Go, Mordecai Go, Mordecai
  17. Matterhorn Bob And The Black Fair
    by kokomo
    Krinoline Krinoline
  18. Monochrome Noise Love
    by kokomo
    Pills And Pillows Pills And Pillows
  19. s/t
    by Kokomo
    Kaputt Finker Kaputt Finker
  20. Everything Is Beautiful
    by Pray For Sound
    Congratulations You're Alive Congratulations You're Alive
  21. Dear Avalanche
    by Lights & Motion
    Album Preview: Dear Avalanche Album Preview: Dear Avalanche
  22. ...And For A Moment, We Felt Free
    by Tear Me Apart
    The Anatomy Of Sin The Anatomy Of Sin
  23. Film Noir
    by Autism
    Film Noir Film Noir
  24. Las Huellas Que Dejamos
    by Vientre
    Navío Navío
  25. Unearthing
    by Into Orbit
    Dark Matter Dark Matter
  26. The Great Cold
    by The Great Cold
    A Musical surprise bag filled with Post-Metal, Post-Rock and even lots of Black-Metal influences. The first track is the perfect example how the songwriting formula of this Band works : Don't care for genre limitations and create stunning heavy songs with atmosphere. Some of the most wonderful melodies and heavy soundscapes I have heard in a while. The Black-Metal parts that are woven into their sound are genius. Get this now !
  27. Lose Yourself to Find Peace
    by Trna
    Gale Gale
    There are more killer riffs than you can handle and more precision-guided melodies fly out of this band than from most other bands. “Lose Yourself To find Peace” is breath-taking and cathartic, a milestone.
  28. Re-quator
    by Silent Island
    Trinidad Trinidad
  29. Star of Heaven Vinter 2015
    by Star of Heaven
    Track 1 Track 1
    Fantastic Melodic Post-Rock from Sweden. This Band appears out of nowhere and delivers such fantastic emotional music with their first release, unbelievable. You MUST HAVE THIS !
  30. Skarntyde
    by Spurv
    Passacaglia (fugler med ord i nebbet) Passacaglia (fugler med ord i nebbet)
    This music is like a long walk through the beautiful Scandinavian Nature. You are all alone and enjoy life and the silence. Constant goosebump alarm throughout the whole Album. This music almost brings me to tears. It is that beautiful.

    The first song is almost 15 minutes long but when it ends you wish it would lasted for much longer. For all of those that enjoy music in the vein of This Patch Of Sky, early Mono, Caspian or new Bands like Legendary Skies & Hubris than you MUST get this Album !
  31. Demo 2016
    by Hands That Lift The Oceans
    Spectral Attitude Spectral Attitude
  32. A House Not Built with Hands
    by Across Waters
    A Cadence Adrift A Cadence Adrift
  33. De Doden Hebben Het Goed II
    by Wiegedood
    Ontzieling Ontzieling
  34. Wald - Mensch
    by Nemus
    Lass mich wachsen Lass mich wachsen
  35. 56 seasons
    by flyingdeadman
    Abrasive skins Abrasive skins
  36. Hemispheres: Volume I [Side B]
    by A Thousand Arms
    St Helen pt. 2 St Helen pt. 2
  37. Hemispheres: Volume I [Side A]
    by A Thousand Arms
    Summer Solstice Summer Solstice
  38. Open Language: Volume I [Side B]
    by A Thousand Arms
    A Gallant Gentleman A Gallant Gentleman
  39. Open Language: Volume I [Side A]
    by A Thousand Arms
    Even if I never see you in this life​.​.​. Even if I never see you in this life​.​.​.
  40. Ljos - Single
    by Alnea
    Ljos Ljos
  41. Singularity
    by Man Against Mankind
    I Am Voyager I Am Voyager
  42. Nadira
    by Pictures from Nadira
  43. Daily Infinity
    by NiwoHate
    This Is Water This Is Water
  44. Equator
    by Silent Island
    Harbour Harbour
  45. When You're Young You're Invincible
    by Dayluta Means Kindness
    Intro Intro