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  1. Mother
    by 暗号零
  2. Flamingo Funk vol.2
    by My Pet Flamingo
  3. Hellveterra
    by Zer0 れい
  4. by Mindspring Memories
    (((earth))) (((earth)))
    What an amazing album from an amazing artist. Mindspring Memories truly has a talent for making slushwave. Saw there was two of the coke bottle clear/red splatter vinyl left and had to snag one!
  5. Oncle Jazz
    by Men I Trust
  6. Summertime EP
    by Dan Mason
  7. Empire Building
    by Saint Pepsi
    Revue Revue
    Saint Pepsi NEVER fails. Perfect album to put on when I’m at work or driving late at night. This is medicine for my ears.
  8. ジャングル
    by 地球
  9. With Love 愛を込めて
    by waterfront dining & 猫 シ Corp.
    Chocolate Chocolate
    Great listen from beginning to end that really sets the mood and follows through with the theme. Chocolate got me hooked and I’m here to stay!
  10. 100% Electronica
    by George Clanton
  11. Crash Pad/King for a Day
    by George Clanton & Nick Hexum
    King for a Day King for a Day
    Good god, both songs are sooooo good in their own ways. Perfect 7” release! Keep it up, George.
  12. Vacant Places
    by Hantasi
  13. GATEWAY 2000
    by MindSpring Memories
    ⏕ in&out of sleep ⏕ // ♥ in&out of love ♥ ⏕ in&out of sleep ⏕ // ♥ in&out of love ♥
    A refreshing listen for my vaporwave urges. Ecco-wave never sounded so good. Also, DOLPHINS!