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  1. Cosmotropics
    by Supersempfft
  2. Black Rain (I)
    by A-Sun Amissa
  3. Anthology - A Free Label Sampler
    by Gizeh Records
  5. Reflections
    by Sam Paganini
  6. Thief of Sanity
    by Animistic Beliefs
  7. The Indoor Gardener
    by Double Geography
  8. Portals
    by Behind The Sky Music
  9. 011015
    by Various
  10. The Spiral Ambience
    by Dallas Acid
  11. Dimensional Shifting
    by The Exaltics & Heinrich Mueller
  12. The Lost Tales Vol. VI
    by Thomas P. Heckmann
  13. Carried From Secret Seas
    by Lcp
  14. Milljón ára en held mér ungum
    by Kuldaboli
  15. (Viewlexx V-030) Epitaph Of Ego
    by Onont Kombar
  16. ME!
    by TDK
  17. V is for Vision
    by Invisible, Inc.
  18. Land
    by Niels Gordon
  19. Cardinal
    by Eusebeia
  20. The Antikythera Mechanism
    by Atomine Elektrine