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  1. Old Soul
    by L'Orange
  2. Nintendohemian Rhapsody feat. Pat The NES Punk
    by brentalfloss
    "If loving 8-bit reality is wrong, then I don't want to be right."
  3. Mushroom Kingdom (Parody of "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger)
    by brentalfloss
    Busts out of a pipe!
    Your savior has arrived!
    He’ll save your extra life!
  4. The Truth About Toad
    by brentalfloss
    "Judy idolizer, with facial moisturizer galore"
  5. Classic Ending Credits With Lyrics
    by brentalfloss
    "37 pounds of Jack shit."
  6. The 2-2 Blues
    by brentalfloss
    "Wait for me, I'll come and set you free. But until then, I'll keep on swimmin' in the sea."
  7. Mario Piano Medley
    by brentalfloss
    "It's Mario… You need a better reason than that ?!"
  8. Star Fox: Space Oddity
    by brentalfloss
    "Sure, your dad is dead but prob'ly he'd be proud."
  9. Louis Armstrong sings Super Mario World (YT)
    by brentalfloss
  10. Two Waltzes and a Love Theme
    by brentalfloss
  11. The Game Over Tinies (YT)
    by brentalfloss
  12. SOY YO!
    by DJ DUS
  13. EP
    by Master Blaster Sound System
  14. Moonpieton
  15. Ink
    by Sam Hart