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xavier le lievre

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  1. Night Drive/Portra
    by White Flowers
  2. Triptych IV: Three
    by Beach Riot, Happy Couple, Our Family Dog
    appears in 1 other collection
  3. Softly / Grace
    by Neighbours Burning Neighbours
  4. Wednesday
    by Just Mustard
  5. Revelations of the Red Sword
    by Svartidauði
  6. MARE - Ebony Tower
  7. Triumphant Nothingness
    by Ellorsith
  8. --
    by Grave Upheaval
  9. Orbhàis
    by Ellorsith
  10. Slow Sundown
    by Holy Motors
  11. DSKNT - PhSPHR Entropy
    by DSKNT
  12. Home Demo/ns Vol I
    by Sorry
  13. Contempt
    by Couch Slut
  14. Death Ordinance
    by Heresiarch
  15. Servants of the Countercosmos
    by Wode
  16. Exorkizein
    by Possession
  17. Remnants of Expansion
    by Krypts
  18. Pyrrhic
    by Voidspawn
  19. Tales Of The Wicked West
    by MaidaVale
  20. LayiL
    by Insane Vesper
  21. Up To Anything
    by The Goon Sax
  22. Skáphe²
    by SKÁPHE
  23. Allir vegir til glötunar
    by NAÐRA
  24. Marabout EP
    by Juniore
  25. Experiment Of Existence
    by Ripper
  26. WALL EP
    by WALL
  27. Soft Days
    by Sea Pinks
  28. You Lived Now Die
  29. Nasty By Nature
    by Stereo Nasty
  30. As Time Sharpens The Sentence
    by Mortal Scepter
  31. Intransigence
    by Abhorrent
  32. Natural Times
    by Mallee Songs
  33. Bliss
    by Reverie
  34. Witch Blade - Oskuldernas Eld
    by Swords & Chains Records
  35. Silence In The Ancestral House
    by Occultation
  36. The Human Cry
    by Muscle and Marrow
  37. Fórn - The Departure of Consciousness
    by Midnight Werewolf Records
  38. Rejoice and Transcend
    by Wrought Iron
  39. You Made Me Do That
  40. Der zweite Drei
    by Urzeit
  41. Juniore / Debut 7"
    by Juniore
  42. Mounting The World
    by Stallion
  43. Swallowed
    by Swallowed
  44. Forever The End
    by Atriarch