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  1. Beijing, China
  2. Ambient
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  1. Death Trance Ritual
    by Tantra
  2. The Winter Ghost
    by Sad Forest
  3. Garden of Ten Thousand Acres
    by Tütsen and Countryside Views
  4. Kingdom Within The Peaks II
    by Coniferous Myst
  5. Kingdom Within The Peaks II
    by Coniferous Myst
  6. Skugglösa ljuset / Shadowless Light
    by Spider God
  7. Beyond The Vale
    by Klyvr
  8. Ultra Anger and Grief
    by Congenital Hell
  9. HDK 02 † The cave of the lost talisman
    by KOBOLD
  10. Pitiless Black Emphasis
    by Revenant Marquis
  11. Melancholy Howls in Ceremonial Penitence
    by Lamp of Murmuur
  12. Gil-Estel (Reissue)
    by Thangorodrim
  13. Taur Nu Fuin (Reissue)
    by Thangorodrim
  14. Nosferatuovi Hladni Dvori
    by Talog
  15. Forgotten Glory / شکوه فراموش شده
    by اکوان (Akvan)
  16. Hermit Knight- WGR046
    by Hermit Knight
  17. Hold True - WGR042
    by Ringbearer
  18. Retrogoblin II: Chip 'Em All- WGR040
    by Retrogoblin
  19. Empires Vanquished And Dismantled
    by MYSTRAS
  20. Cursed Deambulations of the Nocturnal Entities
    by Lamp of Murmuur