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  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. Yōkai
    by Flitz&Suppe, Mr. Käfer
    Sea of Trees ft Kupla Sea of Trees ft Kupla
  2. Queens
    by blnkspc_
    Down Wind Down Wind
  3. Sideways
    by Ghostnaut x Dualib
    Raindrops (Flofilz Remix) Raindrops (Flofilz Remix)
  4. Der Kaktusfreund (HL008)
    by food for thought
    ayla ayla
  5. Old Growth
    by leaf beach
    Horizons Horizons
  6. Brrwd Love Volume One
    by Various Artists
    Yung Yung
  7. Villa Rosa
    by Fitz Ambro$e / Submerse
    Serena Serena
  8. Déjà-rêvé
    by Flitz&Suppe
    Awakening Awakening
    hands down, flitz&suppe constantly delivers quality.

    melancholic and lightly sorrowful melodies, but never to find yourself in a state of pure desperation. more likely to have the feeling that there is always hope and something beautiful in everything.

    what i really love about this guy is that he developed his own style.

    mellowed sounds in combination with wind instruments, arabic stated vocal samples & smooth synthesizers on the foundation of hip hop beats.
  9. Midnight In Peckham
    by Chaos In The CBD
    Midnight In Peckham Midnight In Peckham
    this is the first deep house record i've bought, couldn't resist. some time ago, i started to become more familiar with deep house, kinda as a uptempo equivalent to chillhop related beats.

    that release right here is a small masterpiece for me. the jazzy loops, the tight kick drums, the leading hi-hats, the psychedelic vibe - it's just perfect.

    not to forget to emphasize the trumpet on "Midnight In Peckham". phenomenal.

    i'm more than glad to have found this beautiful piece of art.
  10. Treetop Hotel
    by iamalex
    Memories Memories
    when you feel like it's summer when actually christmas eve is soon.

    the power of good music.
  11. Beats & Waves Vol. 2.
    by iamalex
    Looking Back Looking Back
  12. Beats & Waves Vol. 1
    by iamalex
    When I Meet You When I Meet You
  13. Home
    by AJMW
    Stay Healthy Stay Healthy
  14. Handbook - Anahata EP
    by Handbook
    Kush Mountain Kush Mountain
  15. Survival Skillz
    by Eto Paranoia & RAW Mentalitee
    Howdy! Howdy!
  16. Maniacs!
    by Flamingosis & The Kount
    Slip Away Slip Away
  17. Brother
    by Flamingosis & A Sol Mechanic
    Californian Californian
  18. Karru
    by FloFilz
    Karru Karru
  19. Chillhop Essentials Spring 2020
    by Chillhop Music
    Midnight Midnight
  20. Lakehouse
    by Ian Ewing
    Bebe Bebe