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  1. Old Nick - No Solace In Sunlight
    by Old Nick
  2. Old Nick - The Night Of The Ambush And The Pillage By The Queen Ann Styl'd Furniture, Animated By One Of The Dozen Or So Spells That Thee Eastern Vampyre Has Studied (T.N.O.T.A.A.T.P.B.T.Q.A.S.F.A.B.O.O.T.D.O.S.S.T.T.E.V.H.S)
    by Old Nick
  3. Demo I
    by Runaway Girl
  4. "Haunted by Fae" mix vol. I
    by Hauntefaerie
  5. Black Spells over Wallachia
    by Phantom Spire/Hauntefaerie
  6. The Confessor
    by Dumal
  7. Fugitive Wizard - Extorris Magus Chapter III
    by Fugitive Wizard
  8. Pan
    by Noble Déchet
  9. Réminiscence
    by Noble Déchet
  10. The Green Enchanted Forest of the Druid Wizard
    by Ifernach
  11. Into the Cave of Ordeals...
    by Molde Volhal
  12. Funeral Night and Majestic Flames
    by Vardan
  13. Angel Heart EP
    by Tyrannus
  14. Storm Empress
    by Tyrannus
  15. Spectral
    by Siphoner
  16. Old Nick - Haunted Loom!!
    by Old Nick
  17. Sgàil
    by Dorchadas
  18. Poltergeist Actualized
    by Siphoner
  19. Lace Shawl
    by Lace Shawl
  20. An Earthly Sacrament
    by Radagast