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  1. Blank Banshee 0
    by Blank Banshee
  2. †Nematophy
    by Windows96
  3. Strange Heaven
    by Mrs Magician
  4. At The Garage
    by All Them Witches
  5. Distract Myself
    by The Naked Tungs
  6. Dopesmoker
    by Sleep
    Holy Mountain Holy Mountain
    The best christian music.
  7. Surya
    by Queen Elephantine
    Plasma Thaw Plasma Thaw
    One of the best albums I always go back to when I want to undergo a rebirth in the musical rays of Sun.
  8. EGYPT
    by EGYPT
  9. Through Clouded Time
    by Morag Tong
    Godhead Godhead
    Melvins and Sleep had a baby. But this is not that baby.
    Put this album on and let its waves of brutal serenity wash over you. Meet the gods and shake hands with the void.
    Consider yourselves lucky you're here to witness the birth of greatness.
  10. Last Knell of Om
    by Morag Tong
  11. Omen
    by Queen Elephantine
  12. Moon Potato EP
    by Cosmic Toad
    Toad Vampiris Toad Vampiris
    it's ok
  13. No One Regifts Liquor/Burn Out Desert Fuel
    by Rest In Haste
  14. Beyond The Swamp
    by BlackWater
  15. The Cosmic Dead
    by The Cosmic Dead
  17. Another Mind
    by Strange Lot
  18. Space Express
    by Λ
    El Sonido Nuevo El Sonido Nuevo
    I waited for my CD (thanks for the stickers!) to arrive before listening for the first time and boy was I blown away. The music has such a unique style and each track feels like a different trip into space.
    I will definitely be waiting for more and hopefully be able to see Lamba live somewhere soon!
    Simply amazing!
  19. Walk of the Sun EP
    by Strange Lot
  20. Psychotropic
    by Los Tones