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  2. Metal
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  1. Live and Greasy
    by Poisoned Speed
  2. Tomb Of The Mutilated
    by Cannibal Corpse
    by Unholy Night / Iron Fist
  4. At war with reason
    by The Crypt of Memories
  5. 48 Hours 'Til Termination (EP)
    by Electrocutioner
  6. Demo
    by Road Pig
  7. Pitch Black Incursion - Demo MMXXI
    by Alucard
  8. Songs of the Past
    by Murray Wattam
  9. When Sanity Becomes Insanity
    by Suffering Sights
  10. The Ash Tree
    by Missionary Work
  11. Bastard Cröss
    by Bastard Cröss
  12. Seeds of Seduction
    by Necrosexual
  13. S/T
    by Melissa
  14. Mental Hell
    by Ozzuario
  15. Seven Colours Of The Psychic Circle
    by The Psychic Circle
    The Eternal Colours The Eternal Colours
    So groovy it's kaleidoscopic 🔮
  16. Despairwolf
    by Despairwolf
  17. Ageless Abominations
    by Alchemy of Flesh
  18. Phantom Destrier (Demo 2021)
    by Phantom Destrier
  19. The GOATMAN (OST)
    by The Unseen
  20. flies the coop
    by Hole Dweller