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  1. Survival Is Not A Workout
    by Duck. Little Brother, Duck!
    Steve Jobs (All Is Fun Until Someone Gets Stabbed) Steve Jobs (All Is Fun Until Someone Gets Stabbed)
    Thank you DLBD for this mathy punk masterpiece!
    by Postmadonna
    Whose Absinthe Is This? Whose Absinthe Is This?
    RIP Postmadonna, but go and check out Pat's new project, Great Grandpa
  3. Sorta is the Best We're Doin
    by Cattle Drums
    Fire in a Tomb Fire in a Tomb
    This LP is a pinnacle of thrashy math punk and this band, one of the many musical gems that Oneonta has given the world. I wish I could have seen you guys perform live at least once. RIP.
  4. Familiaris
    by Snooze
    'Tis I! The Good Boy! 'Tis I! The Good Boy!
    A lyrical masterpiece wrapped in lush magical math rock goodness 🐕
  5. Snuff
    by Lingua Nada
    Svrf Party Svrf Party
    This record rips sooo hard!
  6. Fruit Island
    by standards
  7. Shrine
    by Alaska
    Hashish Christo Hashish Christo
    Awesome drumming, guitar work, and scream/shout vocals. Basically everything is awesome! These guys are the new Native. Come play a show in Seattle!
  8. Mookie Island
    by Sea Monkey See
    Kate's Mookie Island Vacation Home Kate's Mookie Island Vacation Home
    Crazy guitar work and sick drumming FTW!
  9. Aye Aye Porcupine
    by Monster Machismo
    Moonshine Mashbomb Moonshine Mashbomb
    Wildly chaotic math rock that incorporates jazz and punk with melodic tastefulness. Saw them perform at Ground Zero RPI and it was incredible!
  10. Home Alone
    by Totorro
    Chevalier Bulltoe Chevalier Bulltoe
    French math vibes that make your toes dance in your shoes :)
  11. Spring Break No Parents
    by Leer
    House Music House Music
    high octane emo shreddd, wish i saw y'all play live
  12. We Go Way Back
    by I Love Your Lifestyle
  13. Dogs On Acid
    by Dogs On Acid
    Flushed Flushed
    philly punk yes yes yes yes yes
  14. Chinese Football
    by Chinese Football
    400米 400米
  15. Sirs
    by Sirs
    Parading Parading
    These guys are pure energy^2, Sirs forever
  16. Never Happy
    by Space Corolla
    David Bowie Whacks Postmodernism With A Crowbar David Bowie Whacks Postmodernism With A Crowbar
    there's sooooo much happening on this record. it's absolutely bonkers and i love it. plz release a full-length soon!
  17. Run
    by Prawn
    Hunter Hunter
    This record is jam packed with hooks and riffs. The vocals are calming and pleasant too! PRAWN!
  18. Failed Experiments
    by Mandark
    Azure Azure
    the feelz AND the counts ❤️
  19. Yufi
    by Yufi
  20. Plant House
    by Spiller
    Happy To Be Here Happy To Be Here
    So frickin catchy, loopable, jazzy, mathy, and oh the vocals are sooo buttery smooth. Really warms the heart. Spiller are the best dudes! <3