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  1. Spaced Out EP
    by Starfarer
  2. Voyagers
    by Starfarer
  3. Technatura
    by Vulkan
    This album will definitely end up on my “best 2020 findings” list. It always makes me happy to find a quality prog metal/rock release that is executed so well and flawlessly. What a surprise! Cheers to Sweden!
  4. Empathica
    by Unreqvited
  5. Dusk (Album)
    by Approaching Black
  6. Laws of Nature EP
    by AKSHAN
  7. KARMACIPHER - Introspectrum
    by Karmacipher
  8. Order Of The Mind
    by Irist
    Good lord where does this come from? They say: for fans of GOJIRA. I agree (add HACRIDE as well), but this literally blows away anything French have done in years. Hard to believe this is a debut effort. Watch out for these guys ladies and gentlemen.
  9. Artifacts
    by Mother of Millions
    Cinder Cinder
    So this is worth every god damn penny. Can’t believe I’ve never heard of this band!
  10. Schadenfreude
    by SHINER
  11. The Reckoning Dawn (Deluxe Edition)
    by Winterfylleth
  12. Orsök
    by Nyrst
  13. Artifact
    by Substan
    Downtempo, chillout, ambient, psychill, deeptrance, experimental... Too complex to be simply tagged. Whatever this is, I just love it! AES DANA comes to my mind. Shame though it’s only available in CD quality, this type of music literally begs for HD format. Warning: great headphones needed.
  14. Night Supply
    by Hello Meteor
    Night Supply Night Supply
    What a beautiful dreamy album. Hard to pick up a favorite track, each one is unique and very different from each other (the title track is a special one though). It’s amazing to hear the sheer amount of emotions one can achieve within the “simple” synth genre sound.
  15. Transmetropolitan (Remastered)
    by War From a Harlots Mouth
    Well well well what do we have here, a remastered version of one of a classics of mathcore/death. Brings me back to the days when core music had real balls.
  16. Electric Dreams
    by Siamese Youth
  17. Aldrnari
    by Arstidir Lifsins
    Carpe Noctem - Hraekyndill Carpe Noctem - Hraekyndill
    Fantastic split EP which deserves much more attention. Black metal at its best. Iceland...
  18. City of Eternal Rain
    We Are One & The Same We Are One & The Same

    I was looking for some tasty synt and then found this... My god this is so good. Take PERTURBATOR, remove all his so called “horror” sounds and add some real dark vibes. Absolutely love the killer sound of the bass, reminds me of some Zenon Records artists which is really unique in this genre. Almost a dark prog feeling. But don’t worry, there are some cool melodies too ;-) New fan here!
  19. On the Run
    by Eagle Eyed Tiger
    Hotline Hotline
    One of a top syntheave albums I’ve heard in a while. EET now stays on my watch list.
  20. Apotheosis
    by Eagle Eyed Tiger
    Serious Zeroes Serious Zeroes
    This has one major flaw - it’s only EP... Love your style, much more than just a usual synthwave!