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  1. Hell By Default
    by Arcade Messiah
  2. The Clockwork Prologue
    by Gandalf's Fist
  3. Living Dangerously
    by Broken Parachute
  4. Road to Darkness
    by Gandalf's Fist
  5. "Love Leave Your Mark on Me" (single)
    by Unquiet Nights
  6. Progotronics 13
    by Prog Sphere
  7. Out to Sea
    by Fernando Perdomo
    Brilliant album
    blown away from the start. just pre ordered the vynil
    if you like Asia Yes and many classical Prog rock groups. listen to this. You wont be sorry
  8. ProgSphere's Progstravaganza Compilation of Awesomeness - Part X
    by Prog Sphere
  9. Static
    by Dave Kerzner
  10. Burned Out Heart and Other Assorted Breakup Songs
    by Fernando Perdomo
  11. The Resurrection of Ants
    by Life On Mars
    this is a superd cd. its like listening to a new version of David Bowies Ziggy era
    with a touch of classic rock and real raw vocals
    i heard his 1st cd and it amazed me
    this guy has been around for years and using. every millimetre of his long history and knowledge and has given me me 2 brilliant albums so far. Just perfect for chilling or ya wanna join in (like me)
    Listen I DARE YOU
    John continues to suprise me with his expertise and imagination with instruments
    This time he has gone back to the electronic age of the 80's. Track 1 took me right back to those awesome cheesy 80's scifi films cartoons ect
    The whole album is a reminder that everthing is here just you have forgotten
  13. Erudite Stoner
    by Erudite Stoner
  14. Far
    by Life On Mars
  15. Reframe EP
    by Flicker Rate
    THIS young lad is a genius the future is safe in his hands.
    He has a gift and it shows here
  16. Progotronics I
    by Prog Sphere
    a good mixture of all types of Prog
    I personally love Traditional Prog but love the modern experimentation that is out there
    love these tracks and Progstavaganza for showing then to me via their app
    Keep it up guys. And all the bands they put on show keep it up folks
  17. Blank
    by Pregnant Whale Pain
  18. Nothing
    by Dave Kerzner
  19. Dark Matter
    by Dark Matter
    I was reconmended this boys by another group. I dont usually buy before i try reconmendations but i had a good feeling
    They remind me of Black Sabbath with some blues/stoner rock like back in the late 70's. Fantastic feeling and sound blending i think their own influences with old sounds. With basic sounding feeling no future sounding crap here
    Worth every penny cheers boys x
  20. Wood Lane
    by Dark Matter
    Wood Lane Wood Lane
    Woke this morning to the NEW Dark Matter album. Straight to DOWLOAD for train comute
    Spluttering of Hawkwind, early Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, a little late 80s Northern rockish sound in there i think
    They wouldnt go a miss at the original Woodstock
    i love this even after 1st play
    Cant decide a favourite track really
  21. Fractals: A Shadow out of Lights
    by Frozen Sand
    Frozen Heart here boys
    You guys have nailed it
    Great sounding album
    Great story
    Amazing vocals and piano work
    I dont think... no i know there is no bad sound or song on this album
    Perfect for my evening runs
  22. Live From The Byre
    by John Bassett
    John John John
    What are you doing to me. This is a classic collection
    Love the fact you have done it in the barn. Almost haunting. Think you should habe more of the back ground creaking more and louder through the songs it would have been more eiri
    Shivvers down my spine
    All in all i love it
  23. Free Sampler
    by Fluttery Records
    i couldnt pin point a certain track that i enjoyed the most
    they were all fantastic in their own way
    i was out jogging 10k when i listened to it the 1st time
    they are unique intheir own way
    which i would recomend this album
    well done to all of you
  24. Prelude
    by Frozen Sand
    Brilliant ep
    they show much talent for the future. would love to see them live and hear them in a raw state
    i believe they about to release a full album soom. I have heard a snipet of a new song and its awesome
  25. The Dark of the City
    by Hibernal
    Woke this morning to find the NEW album released and ready to download
    Well what can i say. Again another great story and friggin awesome guitaring. He writes good music and storys as good as his Books. Made my train commute easy
    Gonna enjoy this while on my jog
  26. Hearth and Ale
    by Gandalf's Fist
    Put this on your Xmas party mix. I love it
    Great winter ale pub drinking song
  27. New World
    by Dave Kerzner
  28. III
    by Arcade Messiah
  29. The First Lamplighter (Memories of Nuclear Snow) - Single Version
    by Gandalf's Fist
  30. Oblivion
    by The Shadow Principle
  31. The Perfect Map
    by Elephants of Scotland
    Random Earth Random Earth
    i heard of these guys from a facebook acquantance in America
    And i was impressed with this recommendation. Was curious seeing as im from Scotland it was ironoc really
    Have to say i was impressed it reminds me of 80's style prog which i sorely miss. Love Sun-dipped Orphans its a classic style i wanted to hear
    If you enjoyed Yes ELP Pallas and very early Marillion this is a band for you
    Dam i should have ordered a tshirt when i ordered the cd
  32. First Light
    by Bosphorus
  33. Aperture
    by John Bassett
    Another stunning collection on this EP
    John continues to suprise me still. Never been dissapointed and this proves he is just starting

    Break The Wall is a masterpeice Joy in Despair is brilliant and i'm really impressedby Jenna and Awaiting
    Whats Johns next level we'll have to wait and see
  34. Replacements
    by Hibernal
    As prog rock goes i cant give you a specific favourite track. Its like seeing your fave movie and told to pick one scene its impossible
    Fantastic peice of workmanship
    scifi/storytelling/music .I find relaxing by myself with my headphones on with a wee bourbon n a small beer and my eyes shut
    Its fantastic to be honest
    Keep it up
    Would go well with Arcad Messiah and Gandalfs Fist on stage
  35. Progstravaganza I-IX
    by Prog Sphere
    just goes to show. how many bands are out there need to be showcased
    well done to Progsphere for this 79 band collection
    i love every track
    from pure old prog to new prog. some blended with a little jazz/funck/rock vibe
    so much talent
    so little time
    thanks again Progsphere
  36. After the Winter (Instrumental)
    by Hibernal
    fantastic album. this young talent should be heard by everybody
    i listen to it on my daily train commute after work to relax me
    im gonna look into his other stuff i love instrumental albums it can show the veritlity of the artist
    not just a pretty face or excellent voice. the person can really play that instument
  37. Progstravaganza XX: Landmarks
    by Prog Sphere
    Lovin this album. Have to buy more as the selection of bands to hear is amazing. The usual media outlets dont mention these bands unless their supporting a big name
    I will have to pay more as i think my few Euros isnt justifying my enjoyment
    ProgSphere are an amazing bunch doing this. Keep up the good work

    Big Love
  38. V-Device - Vidana
    by Prog Sphere
    cant choose a favourite track sorry to say
    But if you like AOR Prog Classic Rock or even Pearl Jam. You want go wrong here. These guys are brilliant
    They sound fresh and a young band that have done there stint in different areas
  39. II
    by Arcade Messiah
    Pre-ordered this album and arrived today
    Its fantastic John is a master of the guitar and an amazing inventive composer
    I cant chose a single track to stand out as they all are amazing and have their own merit
  40. Deathlike
    by Ancient VVisdom
  41. Demons Of The AstroWaste
    by Unleash The Archers
    i heard the 1st track of Astrowaste and looked on Youtube
    And on the stregnth of 1 song and video i bought the album
    I wasnt wrong these guys (n girl) are awesome
    I play it alot when i'm out for a jog or had a shit day
    The strenth/conviction and belief in there music is truly amazing
    I hope they come to Scotland as i will be there in the front row
    Gonna buy another album of theirs now

  42. Just A Days Work
    by Brute Tiger
    love these songs. im not a rock n roll fan but AOR and Progrock
    but these 2 songs shouted at me and i thoroughly enjoyed them start to finish
    i hope they release more stuff soon
  43. Pulling Me In
    by Brute Tiger
    appears in 1 other collection
  44. wearewhoweare
    by Pallas
  45. Arcade Messiah
    by Arcade Messiah
    This is an awesome album. The minute i heard a preview i just bought it.
    John Basset is a rare find and his music is the same. I'm looking forward to his followup
    Well i got the follow up 11 on day of released signed. Brilliant cd i wasnt dissapointed moving haunting joyfull unbelievable master of writting classics
    I also enjoyed The 4 Horseman is a masterpeice