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  1. Welcome to Bassland
    by Aldubb
  2. Where I'm Coming From REMIX
    by Lila Ike
  3. Space Exploration
    by Aldubb
  4. Antidote
    by Mungo's Hi Fi
  5. Vandal & Fortanoiza - London To Jamaica
    by Vandal Kaotik Soundsystem
  6. Vandal - My Sound
    by Vandal Kaotik Soundsystem
  7. Kanzan
    by CloZee, Fakear, Pouvoir Magique, Einki
  8. The Spirit of the Water
    by The Music Medicine
  9. Icaro
    by Mose
  10. The Weight of Words (Mose Remix)
    by Kaya Project
  11. Semilla Pura (Mose Remix)
    by The Hanuman Project
  12. Jai Shiva Shankar
    by Franko Heke, Monica Dogra, Mose
  13. Estrellas ft. POAN & Kama Lila Sol
    by Mose
  14. Na Procura (Mose Remix)
    by Mose
  15. Unfolding
    by Mose
  16. Inside
    by Mose & Sam Garrett
  17. Ah Ni Kuni (Mose Remix)
    by Lindsey Wise
  18. Alchemy of Breath - 30 Min Mix ft. Emily Ray Henderson
    by Mose
  19. Danit - Naturaleza (Mose Edit)
    by Mose
  20. Poranguí - Arcoiris (Mose Remix)
    by Mose