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  1. 9th & Walnut
    by Descendents
  2. Four Freedoms
    by Zach Barocas New Freedom Sound
  3. NOW
    by Damon Locks - Black Monument Ensemble
  4. Where Future Unfolds
    by Damon Locks - Black Monument Ensemble
  5. Checkmate
    by Hot Snakes
  6. I Shall Be Free
    by Hot Snakes
  7. Simulcast
    by Tycho
  8. The Coming Collapse
    by Foxhall Stacks
  9. Weather
    by Tycho
  10. Beg Your Pardon
    by SAVAK
  11. Best Of Luck In Future Endeavors
    by SAVAK
  12. Un-Becoming
    by J. Robbins
    Abandoned Mansions Abandoned Mansions
    J. Robbins has really crafted some of his best songs on this album. This album is a rocker, and although we're not likely to get a new Jawbox album any time soon, Un-becoming is one of J.'s finest efforts to date.
    Kudos to his backing band, Brooks Harlan, Gordon Withers, and PETE MOFFETT! It's great to hear J. and Pete make music together. Pete's the bomb.
  13. Genocide
    by Red Dons
  14. Abandoned Mansions acoustic EP
    by J. Robbins
    68 68
    I've been a fan of J's music for a very long time. Some of the best songs from the entirety of J's discography (Jawbox, Burning Airlines, and Office of Future Plans) are re-recorded here with very stripped-down instrumentation. J's singing voice only gets stronger and more eloquent with the passage of time.
    The acoustic version Lorelei gives me goosebumps, and the recording of "68" nearly brought me to tears.
    A must have for anyone who's a fan of J.s music.
  15. Cloud Corner
    by Marisa Anderson
  16. Into the Light
    by Marisa Anderson
  17. Bay Dream
    Bay Dream really capture the great songwriting that is at the hear of what makes Culture Abuse so great. The songwriting and production are top notch, and this is the place to start.
  18. Espiritu Zombi
    by The Eternals
  19. The First Ray
    by BELLS≥
  20. Precious Art
    by Rozwell Kid