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Eliot Humphreys

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  1. Soft Sounds From Another Planet
    by Japanese Breakfast
    Road Head Road Head
  2. "are you happy you're here?"
    by cop graveyard
    intro intro
  3. Bitter Fruit
    by Jodie Oakes
    Introduction Introduction
  4. cus i'm gay / don't hate me
    by cop graveyard
    cus i'm gay cus i'm gay
    appears in 1 other collection
    by Various Artists
    Brazilian Wax - Grrrls to the Front Brazilian Wax - Grrrls to the Front
  6. Unity
    by Unity
    Oops Oops
  7. valley and the void
    by moonish brute
    Dead Whale Dead Whale
  8. Beach Music
    by (Sandy) Alex G
    Bug Bug
  9. Nothing Part Zero
    by Captain Samurai
    All I Need Is Uuu All I Need Is Uuu
    catchy trebbly-bass pop.
  10. Working Out
    by King of Cats
    Dead Lamb Dead Lamb
    maz levy maz levy maz levy maz levy maz levy maz levy maz levy maz levy maz levy maz levy maz levy maz levy maz levy maz levy maz levy maz levy maz levy maz levy maz levy maz levy is good at writing songs
  11. Joanna Gruesome / Trust Fund Split 12"
    by Trust Fund / Joanna Gruesome
    Trust Fund - Scared Trust Fund - Scared
    Ellis is an amazing songwriter. I also like Joanna Gruesome.
  12. You're The One That I Want
    by Ry Vieira
    Dem Eyes Dem Eyes
    you got dem relaxin' feelz, ryry
  13. true that
    by Michael Cera
    Ruth Ruth
    fuck anthony fantano
  14. Something Wild
    by Radiator Hospital
    Do You Remember? Do You Remember?
  15. TRICK
    by (Sandy) Alex G
    Kute Kute
    It took me a while to 'get' Alex G, but having listened to this album randomly in a campsite in Amsterdam on a moody, exhausting night, i got it. Relatively simple, but weirdly and distinctively contorted at the same time.
  16. hotter sadness
    by elvis depressedly
    i can't wait for you to die i can't wait for you to die
    unapologetic bile spouting singer songwriting brilliance.
  17. goner
    by elvis depressedly
    jesus rots inside his grave jesus rots inside his grave
    The opener and the closer might be two of the best songs i have heard in a good while. MLC's lyrical content is rapturing.
  18. disgraceland
    by elvis depressedly
    cry babies cry babies
    The guy writes distinct lyrical parable with the ease of a vile preacher. From the Mickey character arch, to the cynical disection of himself and his surroundings have already, in my eyes (and many others) an underground and untouched genius. He manages to make subtle and simple chord changes seem striking and masterful, coupled with his commanding and rapturing drawl, Matthew Lee Cothran deserves more and more and more.
  19. jumping off a building
    by father figure
    what the hell is on jonny's head? what the hell is on jonny's head?
  20. 死の手
    by father figure
    Black Black
  21. Old Friends
    by The Sinking Feeling
    Depends Depends
    I remember seeing this track live in Glasgow a while back and it blew me away. I'd heard it before, but that was the clincher. One of my favourite Scottish bands.
    if i could write what he writes i would be so giddy. i just love how soft and honestly anecdotal it is.
  23. rarities, unreleased stuff, and cool things
    by Teen Suicide
    if i cleaned everything if i cleaned everything
    This is one of my favourite TS releases for how brutal and stripped it is, really showing SR's sensitivity and emotional insecurity at the time. Real powerful and inspired me to be more honest with my own work.
  24. i will be my own hell because there is a devil inside my body
    by teen suicide
    the same things happening to me all the time, even in my dreams the same things happening to me all the time, even in my dreams
    This album made me look at song writing in such a different way. It brings so many different elements in, from emo to lofi to garage punk, but makes a seemless release, free of cliche, plagiarism or remedial ideas. The beauty track in particularly is unbelievable to me.
  25. German Aquatics
    by Dante Elephante
    Heartbeat Heartbeat
    i dance well to this
  26. TASUKETE (HELP) Japan Tsunami Relief
    by TASUKETE (HELP) Japan Tsunami Relief
    Chemistry Chemistry
  27. Digital Age - All sales during the Trump presidency will go towards ACLU and AI Justice.
    by Dad Rocks!
    Aroused By Hair Aroused By Hair
  28. Ambulance (Tellison vs Room 253)
    by Tellison