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  1. Slundcore Superhero
    by Slund
  2. Viscera: Redux
    by Bog Wraith
  3. Turpitude #1
    by Turpitude
  4. Sacrament of Death
    by Creeping Death
    Doused In Flames Doused In Flames
    Crushing Death Metal/core
  5. s/t
  6. Seekers of the Truth 2017 Promo
    by Seekers of the Truth
  7. 2019 Promo
    by Gulch
  8. The Morning Sun & The End Of The World
    by echelons
  9. International Exports And The Reasons
    by Posset/Pregnant Spore
  10. Complete With Beast
    by Skin Graft
  11. Healt
    by Endometrium Cuntplow
  12. Has Been Remixed By DEVELOPER
    by JML
  13. Return To Shock Trauma
    by Moscow Wires
  14. Unfamiliar Dust
    by Tinnitustimulus
  15. Satan's Favorite Drink Is Tea
    by OK Putrid
  16. Purified Warfield Queenpuddle
    by Justin Marc Lloyd
  17. IGBO Basic Course
    by Peer Group
  18. Horse
    by Justin Marc Lloyd
  19. Enabler (Long Live The Home)
    by Breakdancing Ronald Reagan
  20. Autoscopy
    by Filth
  21. Dino Nugs
    by OK Putrid
  22. Harmonious Salmon Hearts
    by Pregnant Spore
  23. Weak Password
    by Juice Machine/Path To Lobster Believers
  24. Dim Dusk Looney Tunes
    by Cincinnatus C/Justin Marc Lloyd
  25. Core Dump Diaries Vol 3 & 4
    by Justin Marc Lloyd
  26. Semen Papaveris
    by Nundata
  27. Making Contact
    by Discretion
  28. Ache For
    by Pregnant Spore
  29. The Perpetual Journeys Of A Despotic King
    by AMK
  30. Opiate Chapel
    by Pregnant Spore + Aisle
  31. Spire Hell Heap
    by Summon Thrull
  32. Neon Crayon Foliage Vol 1
    by Brandon Marshall (WR)
  33. Defense Mechanism
    by Circuit Wound
  34. Datboonbaat
    by Inappropriate King Live
  35. Present/Future Shock
    by MASS COMM
  36. Manipulated Memories
    by Hostage Pageant
  37. Title Indeterminate
    by Extreme Light Infrastructure
  38. January 2011 Winter Tour
    by Pregnant Spore
  39. Deft Auksis
    by Bah Tsar Jenny Troth
  40. Obscure Psychic Themes
    by Divine Shell/Justin Marc Lloyd
  41. Skin Graft/Dim Dusk Moving Gloom
    by Skin Graft/Dim Dusk Moving Gloom
  42. Homegrown Oscimation
    by Red Electric Rainbow
  43. Looking Out Surreal Window
    by Color Rabbit
  44. Detachable Limbs
    by Regospore
  45. Teen Cribs
    by Boar