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  1. Mire EP
    by Bog Wraith
    Call to the Marshlands Call to the Marshlands
    It's gritty, it's dark, it's heavy, and it's dank af
  2. WORMHOLE - Genesis
    by Lacerated Enemy records
    Geoform 187 Geoform 187
    This album / LP re-defined Slamming Brutal Death Metal. It shows that Slam doesn't just have to be constant Slams / Chugs (which is nice, but it gets stale, fast). I'm not saying this is the first Slam release to be technically impressive, but it is most certainly the best display of it in recent memory. Calum, and Duncan are like two, brutal pea's in a pod.
  3. Labyrinths of Dark Energy
    by Splatterpuss
    Aussie Slam, cunt
  4. Lord Of Plagues
    by Vulvodynia
    Drowned In Vomit Drowned In Vomit
  5. Vile Mechanical Origin Of Human Virulency
    by Architect of Dissonance
    Genetic Extinction Of Empathy Pt. 1 (Genesis) Genetic Extinction Of Empathy Pt. 1 (Genesis)
  6. Cultus Profanum Sordes [EP]
    by Timeless Wounds
    Sovereign Sovereign