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  1. Ciudad De México, Mexico
  2. Rock
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  1. Terra Sola
    by Rosetta
    Terra Sola Terra Sola
    The mighty Rosetta comes once again with a special delivery, and this ride will take you to new emotional heights.
  2. Repudio
    by XIII
  3. Serum (vinyl)
    by TRUE
    There was a time 10 years ago, the MySpace era, which was our medium to know bands.

    Out of nowhere, here in México we got to know this great band from Croatia, and they came to tour in those days.

    «Serum» is a great piece of work, when Crust, Hardcore and Metal blend to create a unique sound, accompanied with the Tambura, a folk instrument from the region, this creates the unique atmosphere that this band used to offer.

    If you want brutality and bang your head with a different sound, this record and band is for you.
  4. La Perfección de la Muerte
    by Fumata
    Soy Apatía Soy Apatía
    Heavy and loud, this new supergroup from México will please you with their sludgy sound.
  5. Utopioid
    by Rosetta
    Intrapartum Intrapartum
    More melodic and atmospheric, Rosetta does it again and deliver us a great piece of work.
  6. Hasta El Final
    by Canibales
    This mexican band know their stuff and this is what Rock music should be.
  7. Ruina Circular
    by Espejo Convexo
    La Fuga La Fuga
    First EP from this great Darkwave band from Mexico, check them and support their music.
  8. Quintessential Ephemera
    by Rosetta
    (Untitled III) (Untitled III)
    Uplifting and beautiful, Rosetta deliver us one of his best works to this day.
  9. The Anaesthete
    by Rosetta
    Hodoku / Compassion Hodoku / Compassion
    An obscure record, you can feel the heaviness of the music in your body.
  10. Convex Mirror
    by Espejo Convexo
    True True
    Darkwave straight from Mexico, you'll be pleased with the sound of this band.
  11. Fuzzonaut Split
    by Vinnum Sabbathi
    HEX II: Foundation Pioneers HEX II: Foundation Pioneers
    Heavy noise from Mexico to the world. just listen and let the riffs guide you.
  12. Gravity Works
    by Vinnum Sabbathi
    Gravity Waves Gravity Waves
    Actually is one of the heaviest bands from Mexico, you'll not be dissapointed if you're looking something new with loud and slow riffs.
  13. Hombres Rata
    by El escuadrón de la muerte
    La muerte monta a caballo La muerte monta a caballo
    If you like heavy music, this guys are for you, listen to experience one of the finest bands from Mexico from this decade.
  14. Bajo La Influencia
    by Canibales
    El Juicio Final El Juicio Final
    A great band from Mexico that will make you rock like it should be.
  15. Les juro que sí llego
    by Lng/SHT
    Club de los 27 Club de los 27
    Mexican Rap just for you, with catchy lyrics and flow.
  16. Dimensión Maldita
    by Apocalipsis
    Cordón de plata Cordón de plata
    A great piece of work from one of the finest Metal bands from Mexico of the last 5 years.
  17. 6 σ: Side A
    by Vinnum Sabbathi
    Voyager on Ío Voyager on Ío
    Heavy music for everyone.
  18. demo
    by Deafheaven
    Exit:Denied Exit:Denied
    The beginning of everything: brutal and harsh.
  19. Yellow & Green
    by Baroness
    Eula Eula
    The album tha changed everything for this band, a great piece and must listen of their career.