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  1. Disembodied Voice Of A Person I Couldn't See (C60FOU5)
    by dreyt nien
    catching a flying taxi catching a flying taxi
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  2. Holographic Maze (C60FOU3)
    by dreyt nien
    Black Holism (Slushwave Mix) Black Holism (Slushwave Mix)
  3. Solar Wind (C60FOU4)
    by dreyt nien
    Dance Of The Compass Rose Dance Of The Compass Rose
  4. Les Rivières de la Nuit
    by dreyt nien
    Les Rivières de la Nuit Les Rivières de la Nuit
  5. Restless Idylls
    Plant Lilies At My Head Plant Lilies At My Head
  6. Hairy Adventure
    by Hairy
    other 2012 other 2012
    what the fuck, i bought this cos nice adelaide fellows, i wasn't expecting to find a fucking amazing hidden gem of ambient music. Honestly i totally disagree with Hairy's reviews, I actively listened to this on the train and it's like 70m long or something but it felt like only 30m, it enriched the entire trip in a way not much music does, every track with a unique and diverse theme but it somehow comes together as a cohesive whole. So so excited!!
  7. Kimonono I
    by Kimonono
    Over Again Over Again
  8. 2012-2016
    by Across the Aether
    Cairns Cairns
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  9. Tolkien's Ainulindalë
    by Melopœia
    Ulmo, Manwë, and Aulë Ulmo, Manwë, and Aulë
    This is really conceptually interesting. After hearing the chords alongside the lyrics for a while, I started to hear "words" in the chords, it felt like the chords were saying something. Of course I couldn't decode exactly what it was, but it fascinating to be able to draw that parallel purely from a mathematical conversion of word->sound
  10. THE VOID
    by JUNKO
    listen to this in crowds, it gives me a boost of confidence and power, like fuck what everyone else is thinking, im a powerful witch who communicates by the scream!

    then i can listen to this on a hilltop looking over the forest, and i feel like i can hear the pain of nature as the powerlines pierce into the earth's skin, or somehow like reading a book
  11. Hot Exhaust
    by Igor Krutogolov, Assif Tsahar, Hagai Fershtman
    Hot Engine Hot Engine
    I was just looking for some free jazz, and after hearing Igor Krutogolov's solo noise album from a few years ago, this was natural. Often it's really ambient and quite blissful to me, really. Quite atmospheric, with some harsher, more metal-like distorted bass riffs on occasion, and sax of course. It's certainly not so uptempo or energetic like some free jazz stuff but it has a lot of soul and beauty.
  12. Unleash
    by Zbigniew Karkowski and Daniel Menche
    UNLEASH (Part One) UNLEASH (Part One)
    It's a name your own price album by a Zbigniew Karkowski and Daniel Menche... why would you not buy it...
  13. IDM works
    by SANMI
    Aki3 Aki3
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  14. そのままで
    by SANMI
    雨が降っている 雨が降っている
    rain is falling
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  15. Long membrane helices and short loops
    by ttttttttttttttttttttt
    woo-tooo-i-ooo-t'ooo woo-tooo-i-ooo-t'ooo
    It's got a very Lo-Fi sound. It's for those days when you want some relaxation. I enjoy this album immensely when I listen at the right times. Although for some reason on my download all the tracks were backwards, which is bandcamp's fault most probably.
  16. Merzdub
    by Jamie Saft / Merzbow
    Conquerer Conquerer
    This is a nice. The album floats between Dub and Noise as it progresses, starting with the very beautiful "Conquerer", and with then from the pure "Slow Down Furry Dub" it dives into noise. "Visions of Irie" was genius to put after "Kantacky". Never gets boring either, despite its 72 minute running time.
  17. Economies
    by The Chairman
    Saccheracerbic Saccheracerbic
  18. Konx-om-Pax - Selective Recall
    by Display Copy
    Beach In Arran Beach In Arran
    oh my god i was an idiot a few years ago. but buying this album wasn't a stupid idea :)
  19. Eager to tear apart the stars
    by Leyland Kirby
    This is the story of paradise lost This is the story of paradise lost
    I love this. I think the reason I love this album is because of the way it represented my feelings at the time I bought it. The first and last tracks are very melancholic, and as a result of this many reviewers have described this as a melancholic album.But most of the tracks inbetween are very well written and really quite happy.My favourite, "This is the Story of Paradise Lost" is a rather red, warm track that makes me think of sitting in front of a fire in a large nineteenth century ship.
  20. doll doll doll
    by venetian snares
    pygmalion pygmalion
  21. Music Written by Water
    by SANMI
    Moku Moku Moku Moku
    recently i walking home at night and seeing the streetlight on the ground through the trees, and it matched "Moku Moku" and my emotions and water came from my face

    it is not stressful music... but it sounds somehow stressed... at work in fast pace
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  22. Muzika Elektronica
    by Igor Krutogolov
    Red + Brown Red + Brown
    This album is so much fun to listen to. I love it. It's fantastic, trippy hip hop drum overcome with juicy, meaty noise that honestly reminds me of a really good steak.
  23. Shanghaied on Tor Road
    Give me money Give me money
    Please, do as my favourite track bids you to. Although Hans Reichel is sadly passed away, this album is still a very nice use of the Daxophone. Remarkably developed technique considering the instrument had existed for only ~10 years.
  24. Affectionate
    by Venetian Snares
    Lesbians2 Lesbians2
    I like loving human relationships
  25. Enfeld
    by Randomform
    ARQ Field Quons ARQ Field Quons