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  1. The Legend of Zelda
    by Cory Johnson
  2. Acoustica: The Legend of Zelda
    by String Player Gamer
  3. DUALITY (Music from "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword")
    by David Peacock
  4. Kefka/Lavos
    by Cory Johnson
  5. Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity
    by Joe Parrish
  6. Mars, the Bringer of War
    by Joe Parrish
  7. Night On Bald Mountain
    by Joe Parrish
  8. Komm, süsser Tod*
    by Beyond Ghibli House Band
  9. Pollyanna
    by Beyond Ghibli House Band
  10. Final Symphony - music from Final Fantasy VI, VII and X
    by London Symphony Orchestra, Katharina Treutler
  11. Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo
    by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus, Benyamin Nuss, Rony Barrak
  12. Album 3 - Backwards Compatible
    by The 8-Bit Big Band
  13. Field of Hopes and Dreams ft. Insaneintherain
    by The 8-Bit Big Band
  14. Hang on to Your Hat
    by Video Game Jazz Orchestra
  15. Fallen Hero
    by Ro Panuganti
  16. Bits and Bytes
    by Videri String Quartet
  17. A Merry Hyrule Christmas
    by Eric Buchholz
  18. Without A Trace: Melancholy Music From Secret Of Mana
    by TPR
  19. The End Of Time: Melancholy Music From Chrono Trigger
    by TPR
  20. Peaceful Days
    by TPR & Roxane Genot