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  1. Songs of Horaman
    by Mohammad Mostafa Heydarian
    Improvisation Based on Shushtari Improvisation Based on Shushtari
    Mystifying set of tanbur-led Kurdish folk tunes, transports the listener to the Iranian mountainside.
  2. Rainbow Beach
    by Woody Goss
    Somewhere Somewhere
    A Guaraldian stroll along Rainbow Beach courtesy of the legendary Woody Goss and his smooth-sailing key playing.

    The cover tunes are slick.
  3. The Other Side of Life: Piano Ballads
    by Beach Fossils
    This Year This Year
    The first time I put this record on, I was thinking "this is niiice."

    The second time I put this record on, I was thinking "oh, this is nicer than niiice."

    Tres soothing.
  4. The Deserter
    by Patrick Ellis
    Life on the Moon Life on the Moon
    This has all of the whimsy and joy that I yearn for in this type of composition/field-recording record.

    Ellis captures the pristine playful feeling on a welcoming city block in early summer.

    Each tune is filled with surprises and I just can't stop smiling.
  5. More Energy Fields, Current
    by Carlos Niño & Friends
    This is cloud-sourced jazz ambient transcendence.

    Niño & Friends are the unsung supergroup on a mission to melt minds.

    Warning: may cause floating.
  6. Blue Hills
    by Michael Hurley
    Tea Tea
    Michael Hurley in dirge mode.

    Expanded pump organ meditations on Side A, expanded acoustic guitar meditations on Side B.

    All Hurley.
  7. Land of Lofi
    by Michael Hurley
    Doin' The O'Possum Doin' The O'Possum
    Michael Hurley couldn't write a bad song if he tried.
  8. Music of Indonesia, Vol. 20: Indonesian Guitars
    by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
    Stambul Naturil Stambul Naturil
    The guitar playing on this collection is so good.

    Get hip to the Indonesian 6-string energy.
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  9. A Brief Time In Four Divisions
    by Ki Oni & Luke Elliott
    Beneath The Brilliant Canopy Beneath The Brilliant Canopy
    Peaceful glittery brush strokes across each changing season
  10. Indoor Plant Life
    by Ki Oni
    The musical expression of those oddly peaceful moments indoors when life feels vibrant in spite of our isolation.
  11. Lure
    by Jogging House
  12. perhaps
    by Jogging House
    Jogging House has helped me with my grief
  13. holds
    by Jogging House
  14. Chants
    by Jogging House
  15. Stay
    by Jogging House
  16. The Time of the Foxgloves
    by Michael Hurley
    Alabama Alabama
    Released days before his 80th birthday, Michael Hurley's wisdom and dusty attic soulfulness is on full display on this inspired addition to his timeless collection of oddball folk recordings.
  17. Performances & Recordings 1998-2018
    by Charles Curtis
    Is there anything that more accompanies the inherent melancholy of a day-long downpour than the cello?
  18. The Intimate Landscape
    by Ben Chasny
    Perhaps the most complete and earnest set of guitar-led instrumental folk music I’ve ever heard…

    … as if the guitar tells us an old story from long ago
  19. Another Side
    by Leo Nocentelli
    An effortless swamp-folk turn from the man from the Meters.

    Another unearthed diamond from the early 70s.
  20. All These Years
    by Phil Cook
    Phil Cook has invited you and your lover into his house, welcomed you to sit on his vintage couch (it’s salvaged from the home he grew up in), and asked you if you wouldn’t mind if he played you some tunes on the piano that he’s been working on.

    He hands you hot chocolate and you curl up together under a blanket and savor each sip.