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  1. Partenika
    by Marta Sanchez Quintet
  2. Atlas Of Sound - Coast Redwoods - 41°32'09.8"N 124°04'35.5"W
    by Elsa Nilsson
  3. Things Are Getting Stranger On The Shore
    by Mordecai Smyth
  4. Art As Catharsis 2021 Sampler
    by Art As Catharsis
  5. God-Carrier
    by Lack The Low
  6. Migrations
    by Ground Patrol
  7. Bless Sequence
    by Hashshashin
  8. The Great Reset
    by Milton Man Gogh
  9. Eclipsing // Orbs
    by Joseph Rabjohns & Lachlan R. Dale
  10. Convoluted Mess Machine
    by Luo
  11. FOUR
    by SEIMS
  12. All Bitches Die
  14. The Live Long After
    by Sugar Horse
    Phil Spector In Hell Phil Spector In Hell
    Makes total sense that this English band should be on this Australian label. They sound like a quintessential Art as Catharsis band - often crushing, sometimes psychedelic, full of ideas, heavy as fuck but always listenable. I'll be playing this a lot.
  15. Hagbulbia
    by PORTAL
    Of Straw & Cloth Of Straw & Cloth
    I love how Profound Lore describes this as 'the paranormal companion piece to "Avow"' as if everything Portal does wasn't already paranormal af :) Whether you love this depends on how much you love noise music, in my case, a lot. Hagbulbia almost sounds like it could be a collab with Prurient -- it has a similar broken-glass sound to their album Frozen Niagara Falls, to my ears. I do get the 'paranormal' tag, though. It's kind of like listening to the ghost of Portal.
  16. Avow
    by PORTAL
    Haven't even got the download yet but judging by the YT stream this might be their best work yet. Great combination of the murk of their early albums and the slightly cleaner sound on Ion.
  17. Art As Catharsis 2018 Sampler
    by Art As Catharsis
  18. The Last Three Seconds
    by Voronoi
  19. COAST
    by COAST
  20. Chaos Remains
    by Kurushimi