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Marin Chapuis

  1. Montreal, Québec
  2. Electronic
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  1. safe in the steep cliffs
    by emancipator
    nevergreen nevergreen
    Nevergreen is great. Definitely makes me want to delve into more of emancipators collection. I would say more but like, if you're reading this, your attention might be diverted from this beautifully complex work with countless details I feel I discover with every listen.
  2. Fever Daydream
    by The Black Queen
    The End Where We Start The End Where We Start
    I feel I can only Start to live at the End of this song.
  3. Summer Solstice
    by Soular System
    The Real You The Real You
    Every song in this album feels like it applies to moments of my life, no matter the situation. It is simply put: a universal thing of beauty. In my hardest times, The Real You makes me smile a wide sincere smile as I walk down the depressingly cold winter streets. I discovered Soular System by complete accident (as one does) and I think a gem has dropped on my lap. Looking forward to more!
  4. Echos
    by Echos
    Coda Coda
    This EP is simply splendid due to it's superb combination of vocals and production. Coda tops the list for me but it is also an outlier, quite different from the rest of the tracks. Simply put, the gradual increase and drop "blow your mind" due to it's incredible intensity, sending shivers down my back even after hours of listening. The rest of the tracks are also fantastic, with a greater emphasis on vocals.