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  1. Palimpsest
    by Protest the Hero
  2. Infectious Stench
    by Nasty Surgeons
  3. Exhumation Requiem
    by Nasty Surgeons
  4. Vampira: Disciple of Chaos
    by The Beast of Nod
  5. Cephalopod of Doom
    by The Beast of Nod
  6. Reason
    by Officium Triste
  7. Giving Yourself Away
    by Officium Triste
  8. Divinihility (Death Metal)
    by ATRÆ BILIS (Canada)
  9. Only Ashes Remain (Death Metal)
    by SEPULCHRAL CURSE (Finland)
  10. Twisted Horror (Split with Gruesome)
    by Exhumed
  11. Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face
    by End
  12. Opening The Hell Gates
    by FULCI
  13. Urge to Kill
    by Raider
  14. Dark Light District
    by Narakah
  15. Contempt for Man
    by Axis of Despair
  16. Blood of the Beasts
    by SECT
  17. We Came for the Dead!!!
    by Ghoul
  18. Maniaxe
    by Ghoul
  19. Curse of the Crystal Coconut
    by Alestorm
  20. Eternity's End
    by Astralborne