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  1. Scherpenheuvel Zichem, Belgium
  2. Metal
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  1. Dark Venture Original Soundtrack
    by Errant Space
  2. Exile
    by Kull
  3. Exile
    by Kull
  4. Exile
    by Kull
  5. 2018 Demo
    by Throne Of Iron
  6. Book III: At The Crossroads
    by Logar's Diary
  7. Book II: Parlainth - The Forgotten City
    by Logar's Diary
  8. The Beginning
    by Grey Wolf
  9. Rebels Beyond the Pale
    by Angel Sword
  10. Hammerstorm
    by Arkham Witch
    Hammerstorm Hammerstorm
    Hammerstorm takes epic to new and higher dimensions of glory!!!!
  11. Glorious Death
    by Grey Wolf
    Glorious Death Glorious Death
    Everything about this album screams barbarian!!! From the raw, guttural warcries and berserker bass solos to the blistering guitar work and pounding drums! This album grabs you by the balls and never let's go!
    For the eternal glory of the Hyborian Empires!
    All hail Grey Wolf!!!
  12. Lucifer Leviathan Logos
    by Magister Templi
    Master of the Temple Master of the Temple
    With only 2 records to their name, Magister Templi have managed to become one of my favorite bands. Ever.
    Though never straying too far from the beaten path(s), they are still able to create a unique sound which makes my jaw drop in pure admiration.
    I'm especially impressed by d'Ruckus' chanting, which makes me feel as though I'm witnessing some ancient pagan ritual among a crowd of cloaked individuals.
  13. Into Duat
    by Magister Templi
  14. BLACK TRACK Let The Thunder Roar! + Werewolf Attack Demo
  15. Might & Magic
    by Iron Kobra
    Born to Play on 10 Born to Play on 10
  16. Dungeon Masters
    by Iron Kobra