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Chadley Fox

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  1. Question Bedtime
    by MC Frontalot
  2. Blank Pages
    by Dr. Awkward
  3. Who is Lex Lingo
    by Lex Lingo
  4. Rhymes Against Humanity
    by MC117
  5. From Guardia With Love
    by Richie Branson
  6. Pudding Is Delicious
    by Illbotz
  7. Time and Space: Eternalism (Feb 2013)
    by Mega Ran and DJ DN3
    Now You Know *Illusion of Gaia* Now You Know *Illusion of Gaia*
  8. The Grindhouse EP
    by Swamp Thing
  9. Heroes, Volume One (Special Edition)
    by Mega Ran
  10. Mega Ran in Language Arts, Vols 1, 2 & 3
    by Mega Ran
  11. 3rdburglar
    by Wordburglar
  12. Forever Famicom
    by Mega Ran & K-Murdock (Bits & Rhymes)
  13. Bitavenged (EP)
    by Random Encounter
  14. Lunch Box Soldiers EP
    by LBS
  15. Basic Draining
    by Shane Hall
  16. Next Level
    by Dual Core
  17. Rolling Doubles
    by Beefy
  18. Still Standing
    by Mikal kHill & the ThoughtCriminals
  19. This Man... This Emcee!
    by Adam WarRock
  20. Revenge of the Words
    by Klopfenpop