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Anthony Buck

  1. Coventry, Connecticut
  2. Metal
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  1. Adapt
    by Haven State
  2. Intrinsic
    by The Contortionist
  3. In Spite Of
    by for your health
  4. Intrinsic
    by The Contortionist
  5. Sofa Boy
    by Delta Sleep
  6. In The Air
    by Delta Sleep
  7. Still
    by Snooze
  8. The Call Within
    by Tigran Hamasyan
  9. Language
    by The Contortionist
  10. Shadow Burn
    by Dessiderium
  11. Familiaris
    by Snooze
    Comfy Comfy
    This album is such an amazing journey that makes me feel a lot of different things. Highly recommend!!
  12. Cosmic Liberty
    by Casimir Liberski
    Violente Absinthe Violente Absinthe
    Wild twists and turns in every song. This album will certainly keep you on your toes, and Matt Garstka certainly helps with that!
  13. Mordial
    by Car Bomb
    Dissect Yourself Dissect Yourself
  14. Essence Of The Land
    by Warforged
    Phantoms In The Mist Phantoms In The Mist
    This EP is very special. Setting the tone for what is to come years later from the band, these 4 songs pack a punch and take you on a mythical journey of many highs and lows.
  15. Meta
    by Car Bomb
  16. Blobsled EP
    by Scamp Camp
  17. Your Breath Stinks Too
    by Choke Artist
  18. Greatest Hits (EP)
    by Owane
  19. Primal EP
    by Entheos
  20. The Ground is Missing
    by Escher