This is Carlos Rossy’s music collection on Bandcamp.

Carlos Rossy

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  2. Jazz
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  1. Forward Space
    by Andre Canniere
  2. Glimpses of Truth
    by Ivo Neame
  3. Phoenix
    by Lakecia Benjamin
  4. FLY or DIE II: bird dogs of paradise
    by jaimie branch
  5. Who Sent You?
    by Irreversible Entanglements
  6. FE
    by Francisco Mela
  7. Back Alive!
    by Flairck
  8. Sitardust
  9. Uno Dos
    by Intermezzi
  10. Letter to levent
    by Simon Leleux
  11. Rahona
    by Joël Rabesolo, Julien Marga, Nicolas Puma, Lucas Vanderputten, Manuel Hermia
  12. Proche Orience
    by Marie Fikry
  13. Mira
    by Naragonia
  14. Dreamy train
    by Taxídi
  15. Broken Circles
    by Jure Pukl
  16. Way of the Cairns
    by Patrick Cornelius
  17. In Tense
    by Harish Raghavan
  18. In Common 2
    by In Common: Walter Smith III & Matthew Stevens
  19. Something About Rainbows
    by Preston Glasgow Lowe
  20. Puertos: Music from International Waters
    by Emilio Solla Tango Jazz Orchestra (2019)