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  1. GB City
    by Bass Drum of Death
  2. Despondent Transponder
    by Fleeting Joys
  3. Coca-Cola / Juicy Fruit
    by Original Sins
  4. Autophobia
    by Tennis System
  5. out of mind EP
    by the pleasure holes
  6. goo's revenge
    by the pleasure holes
  7. Ghost Poke
    by FRITZ
  8. Something
    by Moaning Lisa
  9. Purple Sunshine
    by The Stargazer Lilies
  10. EXP #1
    by Tremolo Please
  11. Not An Exit
    by Truth Club
  12. Ultra Sound
    by Citrus Clouds
  13. Without
    by Aldous Baker
  14. Smoke & Mirrors
    by Time Travel Ban
    Apolojesus Apolojesus
    Holy Crap! MORE Please
  15. Fantasy Country
    by Flyying Colours
  16. Sweep It Into Space
    by Dinosaur Jr.
  17. Where Do You Want
    by Brilliant Beast
    Crushdumb Crushdumb
  18. 100 Times
    by DIVES
  19. THICK
    by THICK
  20. Rip This
    by Bass Drum of Death