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  1. The Hollows - Not A Thing
    by SPC ECO
  2. Drink The Juice
    by Purple Pilgrims
  3. Fountain's Head
    by Porcelain Raft
  4. Into the Outer Light
    by Juliper Sky
  5. Kaleidoscope
    by Tonepoet
  6. History
    by Molly Nilsson
    I Hope You Die I Hope You Die
  7. Phase Break
    by Mahogany
    I love how the title describes everything. There's different phases and they're being broken. I wish there's a new release, soon.
  8. Pinkshinyultrablast "Holy Forest (Waldeinsamkeit Remix)"
    by Mahogany
  9. Feathersongs For Factory Girls (Parts One & Two)
    by Stripmall Architecture
    Pripyat Pripyat
    Pripyat feels like a spring day. It's warm. And as you walk by industrial terrains, you see all this wildlife. They don't care about the humans.
  10. Calm
    by SPC ECO
    Waking Up Again Waking Up Again
    I love Waking Up Again. Listening to it gives me this feeling of having felt sad for a while, then waking up, knowing that it'll change soon.
  11. Chant
    by MANKES
  12. Unlikely Mothers
    by Big Blood
    Endless Echo Endless Echo
    That disonnance, the sweet dread, the way it feels like I'm dragging my feet through existential marshes that suck me down until I drown. It just really scratches that surreal itch, really well.
  13. Hypnagogic Explorations I Entrance
    by Bzaurie
  14. Midnight Parade
    by The Day
    by OS OVNI
  16. Terra Alta
  17. Fifteen
    by SPC ECO
  18. No End in Sight (EP)
    by Outerhope
  19. Our Forgotten Infinity And The Absolute Zero
    by Wings Of An Angel
  20. Towards the Shadow
    by wume