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  1. TX - EP
    by BRAKKEN
    by Tech Itch Recordings
  3. 'A Dogs Dreams' Res One & Illinformed
    by Res One
    i sees res oner n iLLinformed n hit the take my fiat monies button... you just know its gonna guide you through your pathetic little existence. Propa good shit, innit luv?
  4. Demons
    by Demons
    Enter Demon Enter Demon
    Hypnotic heaviness. Discovered this via a YouTube argument lol. Farq cxnt. Rinse out humbly
  5. Pieces of a Man
    by Mick Jenkins
    This dude n all he works with... Masters of the craft , aye yo
  6. Water[s]
    by Mick Jenkins
  7. The Healing Component
    by Mick Jenkins
    by Mick Jenkins
  9. Wave[s]
    by Mick Jenkins
  10. Bruce Banner
    by Mick Jenkins
  11. L/B020 Hyperromantic Isle of Dead EP
    by L/B Recordings
    A. Horn Stucked A. Horn Stucked
    i see slimewax and just buy the shit, because you know its going to be good.
    First track is banging as fuck! unique dark hardcore pimp funk
    No doubt, the rest of the release bangs /fanboi -centaspike
  12. Lost in the Moment - Album
    by Dom & Roland
    fkn'ell mayte!? I only just stumbled upon this!? Every track is so DJable and dope viben weaponary for any dancefloor at any time. Some serious killer tracks. Can you please repress the wax release? I feel I'm missing out hard, Broham. -centaspike
  13. Indigo
    by OPUS & DEDW8
    the dankness is a thick fog of opium vapor. Its pleasant
  14. How 2 Chat Shit - Dr.Dopamine (EasyNow Beats)
    by Munch Militia
  15. It Aint Nothin' EP - Munch Militia
    by Dibadee MC, Ez3, Dr.Dopamine, EasyNow, Slippery Slopes Collective, Munch Militia
  16. Petri Dish ish - Dr.Dopamine #ukhh
    by Dibadee MC
  17. Sorry... Not
    by Dibadee MC
    "I stay lit like a cancer stick." LOL
    appears in 1 other collection
  18. Munch Militia - £10 Mic Biznezz (Full Tape)
    by Dibadee MC & Ez3
  19. Steez Affiliated - Dr.Dopamine
    by Dr.Dopamine (Aka Dibadee MC) -Munch Militia
    FUCK BWOY! this is so banging! youre such a funny rad cunt!
  20. Honky Tonk - Munch Militia (Feat. Mistameaner)
    by Dibadee MC / Ez3 / Munch Militia / Mistameaner
    this track pumping... put it on for the GTO (GET TITS OUT!)