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  1. Uaigheanna Gan Mharcáil
    by ChapelFlames
  2. Internecine
    by NightVermin
  3. Slumber Spells
    by Decrepit Corridor
  4. Alone In The Frozen Wastelands
    by Tenebrositas
    A Silence So Cold A Silence So Cold
    Unique and dark black metal.
  5. Arvejord
    by Blodskam
    Salig Längtan Salig Längtan
    Really like the songs here, cool demo. Found this by chance, hopefully the band will come back with more soon.
  6. The Horns of Euthyphro
    by Rasha'im
    Calling the Penumbra Calling the Penumbra
    Great 3 piece black metal, pure second wave.
  7. Circles And Triangles
    by AlterSun
    Catchy and fun. Great synth pop.
  8. The Faerie Queene
    by Chaucerian Myth
    Book IV: Friendship Book IV: Friendship
    Beautiful compositions!
  9. Posture Magic
    by Blood Tower
    Arctic Cannibalism Arctic Cannibalism
    Fantastic, Blood Tower is wildly consistent.
  10. Blood Tower / Apothecarium
    by Blood Tower / Apothecarium
    Moonblood Pulsing Through the Blackend Veins of a Corpse Moonblood Pulsing Through the Blackend Veins of a Corpse
    The song titles are great but the music is even better. My favourite artwork too. A must listen split.
  11. Neronian Times
    by Horrenda
    Ríastrad Ríastrad
  12. Contours of a Failed Siege
    by Brutus Greenshield
    Blood Made Dim the Blinking Blade Blood Made Dim the Blinking Blade
    I love this project. Historical but still rooted in dungeon synth. A must listen in 2018.
  13. Four Arrangements for Strings
    by Iron Castle
    Classical and well performed. Love the idea. Looking forward to more.
  14. CARNÚN - MALKUTH (Demo 1996)
    by CARNÚN
    The Infernal Serpent The Infernal Serpent
    Old school black metal. Wish this kind of thing was still going on in Ireland. Inspirational.
  15. Ash-Stained Cabinet
    by Kolessa
    Runner Runner
    Beautiful chord changes and carry leads. The drums are also on point too. Certainly another great release from a great musician. A+!
  16. Living Bridges
    by Shardborne
    Qualia Qualia
    Technical but tasteful. Great tones and use of each instrument without sounding pretencious.
  17. S\T Demo
    by Sombre Arcane
    Bagworld Bagworld
    High in presentation and composition, this release is in the centre of a venn diagram with dungeon synth on the left and a neo-folk ambient on the right. Use of vocals and soundscapes is huge and who'd have thought a ballad would work! 10/10.
  18. Der Herr von Verona
    by Isegrimm
    Die Nacht im Kerker Die Nacht im Kerker
    Isegrimm fine tuning his craft. Up there with debut for me. Beautiful compostions and melodies. Nothing too grand or simple.
  19. Kolarbyn
    by Taur Nu Fuin
    Crannog Crannog
    A classic! TNF is a gent too. A must listen project.
  20. Vast Beneath The Skies
    by Druad
    A Nymph A Nymph
    Good balance of the old and new school dungeon synth sound. Great on tape.
  21. Bycirce
    by Båvingr
    Offering the Cup Offering the Cup
    Came for the art, stayed for the music. Brilliant debut, reminds me when I started up. great use of drums too!
  22. Tome I
    by Gibdus
    Båvingr - Tre war Venydh Båvingr - Tre war Venydh
    Britains finest. I usually steer away from compilations but this shows some underrated artists to the masses. Great stuff!
  23. Ukleta Kotlina
    by Talog
    U tmini i tamnici U tmini i tamnici
    Talog's most melodic doesn't dissappoint and shows diversity in the discography.
  24. Vladavina Vampira
    by Talog
    Od Svjetla Sakriveni Od Svjetla Sakriveni
    The Vampyric style here is great as is the artwork. I usually don't lean towards the drawn out stuff but I can get into this. Creepy.
  25. Utvalda Medeltida Rymdtragedier
    by Rymdborg
    Rymdborgbas Rymdborgbas
    Astral synth can be dark too. Great artwork too!
  26. This is No Wave
    by The Magnapinna
    Neurosis Jackson Neurosis Jackson
  27. Fiannaíocht
    by Celtachor
    Tuiren Tuiren
    Using more sounds and complex compositions to their last work, this is Celtachor's reached destination sonically, dealing with yet again interesting mythological literature.
  28. Satan Worshipping Mountain Witch
    by Blood Tower
    Skeppsbrotten Skeppsbrotten
    Creepiest minimal project by far. The best. A top ten artist at work.
  29. In the Beginning, In the Fog
    by Snarling Clearing
    The Endless Perpetuation of Misery and Evil The Endless Perpetuation of Misery and Evil
    Underrated DS artist who uses great work with pad like synths. His best album to date.
  30. Dunsinane
    by Midnight Force
    The Scarlet Citadel The Scarlet Citadel
    Old school production, great musicianship and catchy choruses. Get it into ya.
  31. The Goblin
    by Buxton's Kingdom
    Buxton's Goblin Nightmare Buxton's Goblin Nightmare
    Nice little project. Cool use of 8-bit sounds. More fun than dark.
  32. Strygoy and haunted realms
    by Visions of Ulnahar
    Haunted forest Haunted forest
    The creepy and Lovecraftian feeling I get is welcomed.
  33. Nyarlathotep's rise
    by Nuckelavee
    The bards warning to Heimdall The bards warning to Heimdall
    Creepy and harsh yet melodic and cheerful. A great debut!
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  34. Krampusnacht
    by Krampusnacht
    Václav Václav
    Not only is this a terrifying album but it works all year round. Don't listen at night alone though.
  35. #Hashtag
    by The Magnapinna
    Uniform Uniform
    Great band, even better live. Uniform is a bangballbuster of a song.
  36. Sovereign
    by Utred
    Feast Feast
    Utred's best in my opinion. Fantastic sense of melody!
  37. Mystal Tree
    by Mystal Tree
    The Descent from the Mountain The Descent from the Mountain
    Drums and prog like melodies. Fantastic work as per usual.
  38. Nefarious Occurrence
    by Crusty Old Toad
    Sorcerer's Path Sorcerer's Path
    Funny but quite catchy. Worth a listen.
  39. 'Blood and Slime' EP
    by Ten Ton Slug
    Slug Grinder Slug Grinder
    All hail the slug. Best sludge band going.
  40. From a Deeper Grave
    by Deathbard
  41. Siege Tower
    by Siege Tower
  42. Uther
    by Pendragon
    Pen Draig Pen Draig
    Catchy and complex. Unique tones too. A must listen.
  43. Arcane Sanctuary
    by Secluded Alchemist
  44. Blood Tower / Apothecarium
    by Blood Tower / Apothecarium
    Moonblood Pulsing Through the Blackend Veins of a Corpse Moonblood Pulsing Through the Blackend Veins of a Corpse
    The song titles are great but the music is even better. My favourite artwork too. A must listen split.
  45. Blood Tower
    by Blood Tower
    Nocturnal Mountain Nocturnal Mountain
    My favourite BT album. Chilling and catchy.