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  1. C:\>CHKDSK /F
    Where do I start? My oscilloscope reads saw-tooths everywhere, which is a good start. Heavy metal/Doom inspired chiptunes. Sounds cool? It is. I'll be playing Ghost'n Goblins with this in the background for months to come.
  2. Divine Infekt
    by Psyclon Nine
    Divine Infekt Divine Infekt
    Psyclon Nine's remastered number is the Aggrotech you know and love. If this doesn't get you stomping and headbanging, nothing will. Five neotech gasmasks out of five, as long as you stay away from the cybergoth industrial dancing.
  3. Daemonolatry Gnosis
    by Dawn Of Ashes
    Guardians Guardians
  4. Human Dust
    by Harbinger
    The End Of Time The End Of Time
    Every once in a while, you just need some solid, good quality technical death metal. And Harbinger delivers in spades. 4 out of five grinding chords.
  5. Hellborn
    by Depths Of Hatred
    Secluded Redemption Secluded Redemption
    Excellent tech death from Canada. Consistently good throughout the album, with strong riffing and musician-ship. Listening to the whole album in one go, I find myself lost in the melodies and it is all over much too soon.
    4 out of 5 mangled distortion pedals.
  6. Hive Jump
    by Big Giant Circles
    The Jump Corps (Hive Jump Theme) The Jump Corps (Hive Jump Theme)
    I don't know why, but the jolly chiptunes just makes me happy. It deludes my mind that I'm back in that 10 year old body who didn't know the troubles of the world; who just wanted to finish school so he could go home and play more Mega Man and Super Mario.
  7. The Dark ep
    by Jared Dines
    Demogorgon Demogorgon
    Jared Dines isn't just a funny bugger on youtube, he is also a talented shredder and vocalist as demonstrated by his first ep. Indulgent confessions in The Clown and The Psycho hits a raw edge and Demogorgon just blasts a devil horned hole through my ear canals every time. 4.5/5 dead core modules.
  8. Asunder
    by Samskarasmetal
    Fuelscape Fuelscape
    I really liked Derelict (see below) and this is their front mans next project. Samskara delivers similarly intense metal, but with a slightly more modern "core" sound but without yielding to stereotypes. Samskara demands a good dose headbanging and I'm happy to provide. 4/5 frenetic whammy bars.
  9. Oppidan
    by Access To Arasaka
    Nypox Nypox
  10. Hunted
    by Khemmis
    Above The Water Above The Water
    Khemmis is continuing their epic resurgent doom. The sound is reminiscing of classics like Candlemass and Dio era Sabbath, but strikes new ground in many ways. Easy album of the year contender with a well deserved 5/5 mortal cantrips.
  11. Level 7
    by Miracle Of Sound
    Hell To Pay Hell To Pay
    2016 was a great year for video games, as expertly documented by Gavin who's musical talent grows with each level. Four out of five craptastic puns.
  12. Fragments of Creation
    by Sunburst
    Out Of The World Out Of The World
    It isn't often that I get blown away by a pure power metal album, but I feel that sunburst is blowing life into a somewhat stagnant genre with Fragments of Creation. Four out of Five god-rays.
  13. Gas 0095
    by Gas
    Microscopic Microscopic
    There are a few misses on this album, but the hits still make this a worthy member in my biblioteque, hell, Microspic is alone worth the price of admission.
  14. Monolith
    by Captain Panic! & Systek
    Progenitor Progenitor
    I've been a long time follower of the space ambient channel on YouTube, and when one of the songs from this album came up in my playlist, I was instantly hooked by the alluring, sometimes doom inspired cosmic sounds and rhythms. Four and a half cosmic rays of extraterrestrial nihilism.
  15. Final Spell
    by Visigoth
    Creature of Desire Creature of Desire
  16. Level 6
    by Miracle Of Sound
    Paleblood Moon Paleblood Moon
  17. Theophany
    by Dawn Of Ashes
    Tribe Of Chemosh Tribe Of Chemosh
    Black metal vocals, djenty death metal guitars, massive EBM inspired synths with brutal and intense drums. This is the start of the resurgance of industrial metal music. Get in while it is fresh. Five out of five pneumatic tectonic pistons of death.
  18. Conduit
    by King Goat
    Conduit Conduit
    The epic, soaring doom of the 80's seems to be on the upswing with this candlemass inspired album.
    Conduit is an absolutely brilliant addition for King Goat and lays ominous waste to what was becoming a stale period in the genre.
    Four out of five decapitated goats.
  19. Doomsday
    by Sonic Mayhem
    Bleed Forever (feat. Malukah) Bleed Forever (feat. Malukah)
    I sort-of wish this album had a more aggressive EBM feel to it, but the soundscapy base laced with techno style beats kept me coming back for more.
    Sonic Mayhem keeps this album short and sweet, and the absolutely stunning vocals by Malukah on Bleed Forever blends so well with the darkwave style synths which is a welcome surprise compared to her lone guitar/acapella stuff.
    Well worth checking out, I give Doomsday a solid four and then some nukes out of five.
  20. Absolution
    by Khemmis
    Torn Asunder Torn Asunder
    Doom. Taste the word. Doooooooom. Add groove that shakes the earth. Well, at least my headphones bob up and down as I fail to restrain myself from rocking along to these grinding riffs with subterraneanly pulsing beats.
    Khemmis ripps. Five out of five buxom fantasy warrior babes.
  21. Metal Up
    by Miracle Of Sound
    I Am Alive (Ft. 331Erock) I Am Alive (Ft. 331Erock)
    On MoS game inspired Level UP albums, all my favourite tracks have been Gav's powermetally and djenty songs, like Wake the White Wolf, Sovnegarde song and Kalros.
    Here is an album with only songs like that. What's not to love?
    Four and a half steins of nord mead.
  22. NAMI - The Eternal Light Of The Unconscious Mind
    by Year of the Sun Records
    Hunter's Dormancy Hunter's Dormancy
    Epic, soaring and slightly pretentious. This isn't criticism: If the name isn't obvious, the exquisitely sculpted tracks reveal we are dealing with future masters at their craft.
    This is progressive death metal at its finest. NAMI shatters my preconceptions and seamlessly blends brass into their melodic narrative making it sound even more sinister.
    Loosely comparable to early Opeth, the Faceless and Mastodon. But this is unfair since NAMI has a rare, unique sound. Five pretentious bitch-slaps.
  23. Aphotic Veil
    by Exgenesis
    Cloudburst Cloudburst
    Excellent debut EP from Exgenesis. Melodic death metal that infuses the whole genre with well needed hope.
    I hope these guys do well, they deserve it and I'm looking forward to more wicked shreds in the future.
    Four out of five scary owls.
  24. Level 4
    by Miracle Of Sound
    Digital Shadow Digital Shadow
  25. Vistas
    by Miracle Of Sound
    38th Street 38th Street
  26. Level 5
    by Miracle Of Sound
    Wake The White Wolf Wake The White Wolf
    If you like Gavin's previous work, you'll like this one too; this is easily representing his strongest work in the gaming inspired genre by far.
    Some poppy stuff, which is nice and all, but there are some gems infused with long haired, bare chested warriors crying their defiance to the wind on top of a mountain, axe held high. The power metal is strong with this one.
  27. Februus
    Awaken Awaken
    After being completely smitten by uneven structure's later album, '8', it's time to check out the origin stuff.
    Definitely not disappointed, I love the dynamic between the tracks and how the songs flow into each other seamlessly. This is also an album you sit down and listen to in its entirety.
    The typical chuggha-chuggha baow-baow djenty sound is well crafted but the mellow instrumental sections really lifts the heavier parts to lofty heights indeed.
    4 spine crushing riffs out of 5.
  28. Presentiment
    by Dreamgrave
    Ethereal Eternity Ethereal Eternity
    Gothy and doomy. Old school in a good way. The blend of forlorn violins and crushing guitars is just right, as is the mix of clear, beautiful female vocals and death growls.
    They sound like I wish Nightwish would sound like.
    Four out of five melancholic bats.
  29. Max Effect
    by Big Giant Circles
    Of Unknown Origin Of Unknown Origin
    It's remixes of the soundtrack to the best game series ever. What's not to love?
    Also, I don't give a flying fuck if you didn't like the ending; you will never be better than commander Shepard. And that's that.
  30. Infra Versus Ultra
    by Neurotech
    Atlas Atlas
    I'm not exactly sure how to genrify Infra Versus Ultra, but there are industrial metal as well ebm and electro stuff mashed together.
    Varying degrees of aggressive metal beats with angry guitars with sections of mellow melodic sections paints a varied but sometimes lost landscape.
    Overall though, this is a solid album. Four out of five cyber matrices.
  31. Shaking Hands With The Devil [EP]
    by Mendel
    Machina Machina
    Technical and inventive, you never get bored with these brutal tracks.
    Don't let the oddly cover fool you, this is premium grade technical metal.
    Four out of five brutal noodles.
  32. Cascus Self Titled E.P.
    by Cascus
    Malevolent Malevolent
    If you think these guys look like massive nerds, it's because they are. Massive death metal nerds.
    If I was going to compare their uncompromising sound to anything, I think they sound a bit
    like old-school Opeth mixed with Decapitated. It's fast, unrelenting and constantly surging.
    Cascus rules; five stars. The end.
  33. Demons
    by Bloodshot Dawn
    Unified Unified
    The face of tech/melo-death has a new guise, and it is this super talented and surprisingly unsigned brutal quartet.
    Every song from this kickstarter sponsored album feels like it's own finely sculpted piece of malevolent art.
    Nobody likes an overly long positive review, so I'll stop gushing right now. However, you are doing yourself and your music library a disservice by not immediately getting this album.
    Demons is probably album of the year for me; five out of five sullied sunrises.
  34. Blood Becomes Fire
    Realms Realms
    This sludgy doom from New Zealand can only be likened to tectonic plates grinding together. The baseline is so deep and unforgiving, it would surely make Sauron himself crap his evil pants.
    I find myself with a sense of impotence in the face of an ancient power. Not typically what I would go for, but the epic grind almost forces me to award this four out five facial tentacles.
  35. Paradise Lost
    by David Valdes
    Paradise Lost Paradise Lost
    David makes me reminisce of a more innocent time, when Yngvie Malmsteen was a hero and ace noodling was king.
    Those were good days.
  36. Collusion
    by Abolish the Echelon
    Of Royal Descent Of Royal Descent
    Tech metal has been a long enduring love of mine. This instrumental album might not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you like your tea filled with led and mercury, Abolish the Echolon might work for you as well.
    Four out of five cases of heavy metal poisoning.
  37. Level 3
    by Miracle Of Sound
    City Of Night City Of Night
    Miracle of Sound continues his epic saga of making surprisingly exquisite tunes based on pop-culture; mostly video games and movies.
    The range and width of different music styles Gavin picks up and effortlessly twists and molds into his own signature style is amazing. Just compare City of Night, Dream of the Sky and Rise. The only thing they have in common is the fact that they are excellent. I could go on, but I won't bore you to tears. Just listen to it already.
  38. The Frail Tide
    by Be'lakor
    Neither Shape Nor Shadow Neither Shape Nor Shadow
    It's Be'lakors first album. It has all the trappings of a first album, except there is a distinct lack of naivety.
    These guys take themselves seriously because they know they have the credibility to carry it of.
    This is where their signature sound started taking form and it's amazing.
    Five brutal tides.
  39. The Unconsciousness of Living
    by Illogicist
    Ghosts Of Unconsciousness Ghosts Of Unconsciousness
    If you like Death (the band and the genre), this is a pretty safe card. Really, really good tech death that will keep you from sleep, nights on end. Four out of five decapitated busts.
  40. Colored Sands
    by Gorguts
    An Ocean of Wisdom An Ocean of Wisdom
    Gorguts take death metal to a new and interesting level. This stuff is hard, fast and brutal. Give it a go, but don't blame me for your imploded and bleeding ear drums afterwards.
    Four and a half bleeding intestines.
  41. Stone's Reach
    by Be'lakor
    From Scythe to Sceptre From Scythe to Sceptre
    The precursor to the sublime 2012 album 'Of Breath and Bone' set the stage for great things to come. Great technical melodic death metal. Who cares about grades and scores? Just buy it already!
  42. Emergence EP
    by Clutter
    Dream Wanderer Dream Wanderer
    Talk about misnomer; there is nothing cluttered about Clutters super-tight djenty, progressive metal. I would write more, but I'm busy listening to 'Dream Wanderer' over and over again.
    Four out of five disorganized dismemberments.
  43. The Quantum Transcendence of Death
    by Nebulous
    III. SN 5270 III. SN 5270
    If you are as annoyed as I am by Bloodbath's irregular and slow release schedule, Nebulous is a more than adequate substitute. Proggy and heavy as all buggery, The Quantum Transcendence Of Death stand proud in my collection.
    Four out of five shades of Azathoth.
  44. Omega Arcane
    by Shade Empire
    Ruins Ruins
    These fellas obviously listen to a fair bit of Dimmu and Opeth. Not a bad combination if you like a symphonic orchestra with your brutal espresso.

    Heavy, majestic and epic; I bestow upon thee four out of five flameberges of dark decapitation.
  45. Beyond the Self
    by Fractal Gates
    Timeless Timeless
    I suppose speaking a different languages make you think different about certain things, but it certainly seems to affect how the creative juice makes the music flow. Fractal Gates both innovates but also stays true to the traditional Melo-Death sound.
    The Guitar riffs feel firmly grounded in good old rock'n roll, only brutalised to suit the brutal vocals, which sometimes blend over what is a very competent clear-ish, rocky vocals.
    This is an excellent follow up to their debut; 4/5 gates.