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  1. Hellborn
    by Depths Of Hatred
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    Secluded Redemption Secluded Redemption
    Excellent tech death from Canada. Consistently good throughout the album, with strong riffing and musician-ship. Listening to the whole album in one go, I find myself lost in the melodies and it is all over much too soon.
    4 out of 5 mangled distortion pedals.
  2. Hive Jump
    by Big Giant Circles
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    The Jump Corps (Hive Jump Theme) The Jump Corps (Hive Jump Theme)
    I don't know why, but the jolly chiptunes just makes me happy. It deludes my mind that I'm back in that 10 year old body who didn't know the troubles of the world; who just wanted to finish school so he could go home and play more Mega Man and Super Mario.
  3. The Dark ep
    by Jared Dines
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    Demogorgon Demogorgon
    Jared Dines isn't just a funny bugger on youtube, he is also a talented shredder and vocalist as demonstrated by his first ep. Indulgent confessions in The Clown and The Psycho hits a raw edge and Demogorgon just blasts a devil horned hole through my ear canals every time. 4.5/5 dead core modules.
  4. Asunder
    by Samskarasmetal
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    Fuelscape Fuelscape
    I really liked Derelict (see below) and this is their front mans next project. Samskara delivers similarly intense metal, but with a slightly more modern "core" sound but without yielding to stereotypes. Samskara demands a good dose headbanging and I'm happy to provide. 4/5 frenetic whammy bars.
  5. Oppidan
    by Access To Arasaka
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    Nypox Nypox
  6. Hunted
    by Khemmis
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    Above The Water Above The Water
    Khemmis is continuing their epic resurgent doom. The sound is reminiscing of classics like Candlemass and Dio era Sabbath, but strikes new ground in many ways. Easy album of the year contender with a well deserved 5/5 mortal cantrips.
  7. Level 7
    by Miracle Of Sound
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    Hell To Pay Hell To Pay
    2016 was a great year for video games, as expertly documented by Gavin who's musical talent grows with each level. Four out of five craptastic puns.
  8. Fragments of Creation
    by Sunburst
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    Out Of The World Out Of The World
    It isn't often that I get blown away by a pure power metal album, but I feel that sunburst is blowing life into a somewhat stagnant genre with Fragments of Creation. Four out of Five god-rays.
  9. Gas 0095
    by Gas
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    Microscopic Microscopic
    There are a few misses on this album, but the hits still make this a worthy member in my biblioteque, hell, Microspic is alone worth the price of admission.
  10. Monolith
    by Captain Panic! & Systek
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    Progenitor Progenitor
    I've been a long time follower of the space ambient channel on YouTube, and when one of the songs from this album came up in my playlist, I was instantly hooked by the alluring, sometimes doom inspired cosmic sounds and rhythms. Four and a half cosmic rays of extraterrestrial nihilism.
  11. Final Spell
    by Visigoth
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Creature of Desire Creature of Desire