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  1. Bad Trip Exorcism
    by Crypt Witch
  2. Shaidar Logoth "Chapter II: The Ritualist"
    by Clavis Secretorvm
  3. Computer Death
    by Infinity Frequencies
  4. Between two worlds
    by Infinity Frequencies
  5. To Exist | To Breathe
    by Voidsphere
  6. Pharmakeia
    by Pharmakeia
  7. Oriental Jam
    by Der Blutharsch and the infinite church of the leading hand
  8. Food for the Moon
    by Dave Seidel
  9. Black Goat Of The Woods
    by Black Mountain Transmitter
  10. tracer
    by omit
  11. Unholy Grails
    by Primitive Knot
  12. Sutekh Hexen
    by Sutekh Hexen
  13. Red Goddess (of this men shall know nothing)
    by Hawthonn
  14. Last Stand At Ankh Sanctuary
    by Temple Ov Saturn
  15. Thee Opener Of The Way
    by Primitive Knot
  16. Ufology
    by Grey Frequency
  17. Better Dead Than Red
    by UNIT
  18. Sleep Environments for Interplanetary Travel
    by S.E.T.I.
  19. Cycle Of Rebirth
    by Shinkiro
    appears in 1 other collection
  20. Shinkiro – Archive: Volumes I - III
    by Old Captain
  21. blues for algol
    by the yllustrous forger of dreams
  22. Saturnus Cursus
    by Dao De Noize & Hiroshi Hasegawa
  23. Metempsychosis
    by Nordvargr
  24. the scavenger bride
    by Black Tape For A Blue Girl
  25. Botox
    by Warrego Valles
  26. She Began To Cry Tears Of Blood Which Became Little Brick Houses When They Hit The Ground
    by Venetian Snares
  27. Resignation 2 (+1897)
    by Nordvargr
  28. Over Depth
    by FRET
  29. Enclosures 2011-2016
    by Omit
  30. Negative Pulse Logic
    by Omit (NZ)
  31. DSKNT - PhSPHR Entropy
    by DSKNT
  32. PhSPHR Entropy
    by DSKNT
  33. Distress Signals II
    by Controlled Bleeding
  34. Larva Lumps and Baby Bumps
    by Controlled Bleeding
  35. To The Goddess Electricity
    by Rational Youth
  36. Distress Signals I
    by Controlled Bleeding
  37. Caustic
    by Primitive Man
  38. If Corporations are People, Why Won't They Die?
    by Albatwitch
  39. We Don't Need Them
    by Appalachian Terror Unit
  40. 2148
    by Sabled Sun
  41. Sigillum AKASHAI DASU
    by Nordvargr
  42. Traditional Synthesizer Music
    by Venetian Snares
  43. Thank You For Your Consideration
    by Venetian Snares
  44. Limitless (ep)
    by Black Tape For A Blue Girl
  45. ARMENIA 'Evolution #1: 10 XCDr Boxset (2016)