This is Christopher Connell’s music collection on Bandcamp.
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  1. KTB II
    by KTB
  2. Forest of a Crew
    by The Dreebs
  3. Double Negative
    by The Channels
  4. Spooks
    by ONO
  5. Basement Hysteria
    by PC Worship
  6. Flood Dosed
    by Guerilla Toss
  7. Horror Face
    by Bashful Slasher
  8. Chips For Dinner (split with No One And The Somebodies)
    by Palberta
  9. My Pal Berta
    by Palberta
  10. Shitheads in the Ditch
    by Palberta
  11. Special Worship (split with New England Patriots)
    by Palberta
  12. The Honeymoon Workbook
    by Good Willsmith
  13. Disposable Camera
    by The Channels
  14. Glass Matthew
    by Team Submarine
  15. Eyeballs
    by DENT
  16. Scar Sighted
  17. Heart Of Darkness
    by TOBC
  18. Rob Jacobs
    by Rob Jacobs
  19. Cowboy Songs
    by Cowboy Band
  20. False Hopes
    by Cecil Otter
  21. Parts of Speech
    by Dessa
  22. Castor, The Twin
    by Dessa
  23. The Ghost is Clear
    by IN HEAT
  24. my pillow lava, part one: my deaf son
    by the lentils
  25. Funnel Walk
    by Tellavision
  26. Fearless Riders of the Holy Curl
    by Tsons Of Tsunami
  27. MEDS
    by MEDS
  28. 367 Equalizer
    by Guerilla Toss
  29. Smack The Brick
    by Guerilla Toss
  30. Dental Denial
    by Beth Israel
  31. TUNNEL OF LOVE "Rockin Rollin Bitches" LP
    by Tunnel of Love
  32. 7" Split w/the Super Vacations
    by PC Worship
  33. The Chronic
    by Bukkake Moms
  34. Pyper Kub LP
    by Tracey Trance
  35. Sunburnt
    by PC Worship
  36. Live Reduxion 7" (Vinyl Rips)
    by PC Worship
  37. Dread Head EP (Vinyl Rip)
    by PC Worship
    by PC Worship
  39. Millenial Kreephaus
    by PC Worship
  40. Dune of Heroin / Godless Love
    by PC Worship