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  1. Where Are The Young Men? a nekrolog compilation
    by various artists
    An awesome collection and variety of gothic songs that I love to listen to, especially when im in a goth club around here in germany or a metal location on the weekends. Totally up there quality-wise! Top production, perfect eerie industrial and ambiental parts that get into your head!

    Makes me lust for more and I am glad there is more on The House Of Usher!
  2. Emo Vibes Only
    by Black Malachite
    Stay With Me, Just Until We Feel Again Stay With Me, Just Until We Feel Again
    I'm totally amazed by the vast musicality this album provides. Each song speaks very differently, songwriting and soundwise! One thing that really sets this apart from most other chill experimental lo-fi alike artists I listen to, is that it feels very natural, not forced but smooth throughout all elements. The mix and master is super smooth! Awesome drum lines, synths and use of ambiental fx. Can't get bored of this, really enjoying it.

    Also when that bass hits you in "stay with me..."!!!
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  3. Alive
    by Atomic Berries
    Awesome vibes, I totally see myself repeating this driving my bike to work. A great mix and master, good feels and simple yet on point vocals on top to ride you through the song. Definitely a song you'd like to hear on a dance floor!

    I especially like the small vocal solo lines on 06:33 and the end, that one will definitely get stuck in your head!
  4. Whistle
    by Make-Believe Machines
    Awesome atmosphere and great vocals!
  5. A Lonely Gust Toward the Heavens
    by Make-Believe Machines
    Asleep in Past Currents Asleep in Past Currents
    First off, the recording quality wow. I love how absolutely free each element in the mixes feel! I've had this running for an hour and it blended in perfectly with me drawing art. Hugely inspiring. My favorite track is Asleep in Past Currents, this "chase" feeling the whole song gives with the tonal changes later on is very well done and stood out the most to me. Huge props to you guys, talent all around and more importantly... effort!
  6. King of Hollows
    by Make-Believe Machines
    Awesome composition!
  7. Evil Grin Gift Box - Volume Three
    by Make-Believe Machines
    Love it
  8. Damp Triangulum
    by Make-Believe Machines
    You could put this directly onto the game terraria and it would fit right in there as a soundtrack! I love the vibes!
  9. Stay with Me (Remix)
    by Make-Believe Machines
    Awesome remix!
  10. Evil Grin Gift Box - Volume Two
    by Make-Believe Machines
  11. Evil Grin Gift Box - Volume One
    by Make-Believe Machines
  12. Evasion and Escape (in Three Parts)
    by Make-Believe Machines
  13. All Good Things Won Through Pain
    by Make-Believe Machines
    What a journey this song is. A perfect buildup and emotional release to my ears. I love how the whole song has that journey feel to it. A great composition from beginning to end and the length is perfect! Love it!
  14. Moral Calculus
    by Make-Believe Machines
    Thin Glass Islands on a Clouded Sea Thin Glass Islands on a Clouded Sea
    Definitely a listen throughout experience! I love how in later songs elements from the first few songs start to appear or get hinted at again! Such wonderful composition were at times I felt like im free falling and just to slowly get tied together on the ground again. Distinct tracks, each so very unique on it's own, can't believe this has been released in 2008, it sounds so great!
  15. Note to Self
    by Make-Believe Machines
  16. Evil Grin Gift Box - Volume Four
    by Make-Believe Machines
  17. Restringing the Deathless Refrain
    by Make-Believe Machines
    Orphaned Vessels Orphaned Vessels
    Such a unique and incredible different album. What stood out to me is definitely the composition, so many blends and different sounds used in very interesting ways. Very refreshing for this mixture of genres! My fav track is Orphaned Vessels, such perfect placed choir elements with nice blends of strings. Totally my thing, love how this came out!
  18. Without Maps - 30 Years of Moments
    by Various
    Easy Easy
    Oh wow what a ride back into the more simple good past. Nostalgic, back to the good feels I remember growing up. A huge collection of sounds that I really enjoy! Hard to decide between Missing Something, Ferocious Love and Easy as my favorite songs on the collection! They all spark something special and nostalgic to me. I also really enjoy "Their Way" with all it's ambiental slow and easy to relax to goodness aswell. Really laid back on the production aswell! Keep up the good work!
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  19. The Limits of Uselessness
    by TS51
    I love this track, you always create such amazing moods and this is very well your own style. Happy birthday mang!
  20. Hypertrophic
    by Innernoir
    Super tight grooves, love the electronic elements that give the very moving parts that very lovely contrast. Superbly artistic, im in love.
  21. Only Shame
    by Three Nil
    Thick and dense soul crushing slow grooves combined with the rattliest, heaviest tones I have ever heard. Big fan, can't wait to hear an full release!
  22. Puppet (EP)
    by TS51
    Puppet Puppet
    An absolute moody and deep walk into very complex and groovy rhytms, ambient and absolute sick dissonance. I love it, can't wait to hear more!
  23. Focused Rage
    by Charming Timur
    Love it!
  24. Roots
    by Niverlare
    By A Thread By A Thread
    First off: This album is mindblowingly inspiring. So many "Out-of-bounds" moments which lead to plenty of gut wrenching surprises. Not overproduced, not overwritten, very real and raw. Nu-Metal influences, Djent and even Thall on some parts. Very modern, yet it's kicking you back to the old Nu-Metal days (minus bad production). Every song is golden.

    By A Thread is my favorite song. When listening to it I think of: oldschool Nu-Metal, Silent Hill, Thall, Desperation

    Album Rating: 10/10
  25. The Bad Thing (EP)
    by Polly Preacher
    Utterly Taxing Utterly Taxing
    First off: This album is "Utterly Relaxing" (see what I did there?) you can instantly hear the free-ness of the music. Not overproduced, not overwritten. Very real and straight up. I myself can really sink into my chair listening to this EP.

    There is a really special flow in here to my ears, sooth voice, interesting melodical vocal lines and very relaxing instrumentals to go along with the soothing vocals. I am definitely looking forward to more!
  26. Future's Future
    by XT Dream
    Light Signal Light Signal
    First off: This album is fantastic.
    Way more than I expected, tons of variety and quality! I can't really find a favorite track because it's all so special on it's own. It all really vibrates with you when you let it in.

    There are so many special moments in these songs, you just hear the years of work. Crispy subtle noises, vinyl crackling, always oldschool. Emotional vocals, reminding of Shing02 style wise. Instrumentaly very melancholic and in depth, comparable to artists like nujabes. 10/10
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  27. For The Duration Of Psychiatric Treatment
    by Charming Timur
    Had Enough Had Enough
    First off: This album is fantastic. Everything I expect from a proper release in length and variety. "Had Enough" is my favorite track because it's so multifaceted. The anger and emotion plus the build up later make me feel it.

    There's alot of golden crazy dark riffs in here and obviously lot's of effort on all levels (top notch emotional vocal screams). Give it a good listen, it's a wonderful emotional chaos!
  28. Chronopoly
    by Town Portal
    Chronoceros Chronoceros
    The grooves man, the grooves!
  29. Vacuum Horror
    by Town Portal
  30. baculum
    by human beansauce
  31. Sophie´s Earthquake
    by Sophie´s Earthquake
    La Ira De Los Tres La Ira De Los Tres
    The progression and buildup in each song is insanely great!