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  1. En cuarentena Vol. 1 [Free Compilation]
    by Discos Deleite Family
  2. Ma Bae Be Luv EP
    by Coco Bryce
  3. Iztlacoliuhqui
    by Supay
  4. DIGITAL 2. Is Electro Still A Thing
    by Black Loops & Ruff Stuff
  5. Oris Vol.1 _ Sonidos en resiliencia
    by Oris Label
  6. YuYu x Infinite Machine V/A
    by YuYu
  7. John Tejada Presents Future Stars
    by Touched Music
  8. Oh Shuper 012
    by Various
  9. Soul of the Machine
    by Norken
  10. Earth Note
    by Kush Jones
  11. B2 Vualitron - Smokecheck Five (Chris Geschwindner Remix)
    by Vualitron
  12. Sputnik (B.S.S)
    by LT
  13. Set Phasers to Stun
    by No Moon
  14. Inconstant Universe
    by Z.I.P.P.O
  15. Polar Nation EP
    by EJECA
  16. Creative Lizard
    by Priori
  17. No Borders
    by Various Artists
  18. Wings of Desire EP
    by Hokuto Sato
  19. Ahora Sí
    by Furious Frank ft Ivy Barkakati
  20. Aggregate : Support The Fight Against Hunger
    by Light On Earth