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  1. Electronic
  1. collection 9
  2. following 11
    by Mark Currey
    by gattobus
    by Gianni Proietti
  4. Shattered Dreams
    by Gianni Proietti
  5. Intrepid Hearts
    by Daniel Moody
    As You Are As You Are
    Great voice and songwriting drew me in but the overall mood of this album leads me to listen to it on repeat many times in a day!
  6. Time Out
    by Daniel Renfro
    Kanpai - Ft. Eric Conner Kanpai - Ft. Eric Conner
    Everything I've heard from this prolific and innovative songwriter has been amazing but this song, Kanpai, is one that I enjoy listening to over and over. Nice use of a sample in the middle that just fits so well! Great work!
  7. Tenboom
    by Penny and Sparrow
    Duet (feat. Stephanie Briggs) Duet (feat. Stephanie Briggs)
    What an amazing album but this song and La Reyna are my favorites, although it was the song Valjean that brought me to know Penny & Sparrow. We have seen them live 4 times now with another coming up in April 2017!
  8. Alabama Shakes EP
    by Alabama Shakes
  9. Whole Hog for the Macho Jesus
    by Shrug
    She's A Ballad She's A Ballad
    Love this sound and songwriting! Great album all the way through, though!