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  2. Ambient
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  1. Dungeon Dub / The 12 Imperial Sciences
    by Poppet
  2. A Pulse Runs Through Us and the Weave is a Pulse
    by Phranick
  3. Sorrowed Waters (EP)
    by Toad Sage
  4. Rememberance of the Forgotten
    by Poppet
  5. Their Verdant Reclamation
    by Pallid Bloom / Withering Presence
  6. HDK 48 † The Trial of Oda Thahn / Dathonah's Prescription
  7. The 12 Imperial Sciences
    by Poppet
  8. Demo I
    by Naginah
  9. Abandoned by Hope, Embraced by Night
    by Eternal Night
    Ruinous Light Ruinous Light
    Dark, bleak, & doom-laden with distorted, forward-moving melodies, drone elements, and bits of well-applied percussion. Hope to see more from this project!
  10. Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night
    by Phranick
  11. The Green Decay
    by Everyday Dust
  12. The Great Barrier Reef
    by Sunmoonstar
  13. Composition II
    by Hallucination
  14. Tusks of Doom
    by Mammoth Master
  15. Snake's Hand
    by Urghun
    by Sunset Grill
  17. Silk Moth
    by Silk Moth
  18. Ascending the Stairs Towards my Nightmares Supreme
    by Poppet
  19. Ash-Stained Cabinet
    by Kolessa
  20. Chronicles of a Masterless Knight
    by Into The Valley
  21. Negative to the Power of Infinity
    by Dirac Sea
  22. Tower
    by Snarling Clearing
  23. These Tears Come Not from Me but from Beyond Me
    by Snarling Clearing
  24. Dying King
    by Snarling Clearing
  25. Five Inches of Lightning
    by Snarling Clearing
  26. Bastards' Prison
    by Snarling Clearing
  27. Of Yestern Snows
    by Snarling Clearing/Inoriand
  28. Earlier Years
    by Snarling Clearing
  29. Season of Comfort
    by Snarling Clearing
  30. Strom
    by Snarling Clearing
  31. In the Beginning, In the Fog
    by Snarling Clearing
  32. Stir it! Scrape It! Make It! Bake It!
    by Snarling Clearing
  33. You Must Find an Heir!
    by Lord Vinci
  34. Rehabilitation of Fish Populations with Toxicants
    by Columnaris
  35. Þrymskviða
    by Poppet
  36. Ophidian Street Rot
    by GZARA
  37. Composition II
    by Hallucination
  38. Installing Symbiotopia 2.0.1
    by Bathroom Plants
  39. Awash in the Swells of the Ocean
    by Tunica Externa
  40. Roman Master
    by Roman Master
  41. Krampusnacht
    by Krampusnacht
  42. II: Cave of the Eternal Flamespear
    by Ice Golem
  43. Fantastic Jungle
    by Halfling Rune
    appears in 1 other collection
  44. Qingcheng Mountain
    by Xingtian
  45. Rusty Iron Spear
    by Rusty Iron Spear