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Cai McNaughton

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  1. Badasht Vol. I - While the City Sleeps
    by The Badasht Project
    He Maketh Victorious He Maketh Victorious
    This song is a wonderful constant reminder of the power of the Writings. Love it to death!
  2. Badasht Vol. II - Raise Me Up
    by The Badasht Project
    Thy Name Is My Healing Thy Name Is My Healing
    I love how upbeat this version of the Healing Prayer is. Most ways I've heard it sung, it sounds so somber and depressing. But this captures the truth of healing--it's an uplifting, beautiful thing!
  3. Badasht Vol. III - Visionaries
    by The Badasht Project - Various Artists
    The Power The Power
    "The truth? The power's in the hands of the youth!" 'Nuff said.