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  1. El Desafío (E.P)
    by Equinoxious
  2. Krater
    by Christian Gabel
    Krater Prolog Krater Prolog
  3. Ninja Eliminator Trilogy - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    by Le Matos
    Rage of Honor Rage of Honor
  4. BALLARD (DATA068)
    by OGRE
    First of the three First of the three
  5. V
    by MAINE
    L'autome L'autome
    A unique blend of ominous and uplifting. Hope this isn't your last album!
  6. The Disk Hunter
    by Waveshaper
    The Disk Hunter The Disk Hunter
    The opening of the first track is a killer, with the modem dial-up fading into the bassline!
  7. New Blood
    by Occams Laser
  8. Blue Cabriolet (Single)
    by Cassetter
    Lyrics: She drove a blue cabriolet/ The kind you find on a second-hand lot... er, wait, that's not it.
  9. Solar Drifter
    by Waveshaper
    Stellar Jupiter Stellar Jupiter
    Stop making me feel nostalgic for unidentifiable reasons! 9/10
  10. 194
    by OGRE
    Sniper One Sniper One
    195 might be OGRE's masterpiece, but I actually prefer this album. Can't get enough of the grit!
  11. Sarah
    by Le Matos
    The first time I heard this was part of a random youtube synthwave mix. This track really stuck out to me, and as soon as it ended I replayed about six more times.
  12. Tension
    by Occams Laser
    Bounce Bounce
    Occams Laser tries something different with this album, and it really works. Love the imagery too!
  13. EiV
    by Dallas Campbell
    Duct Tape Flamethrower Duct Tape Flamethrower
    Something about this album fully captured my attention the first time I heard it, and I haven't gotten tired of it yet. Great blend of upbeat and mysterious.
  14. All Hallows' II: CODA
    by OGRE and Dallas Campbell
    Totemic Polyhedral Topology Totemic Polyhedral Topology
  15. All Hallows' II
    by OGRE and Dallas Campbell
    Last Rays Of Daylight Part II (Titles) Last Rays Of Daylight Part II (Titles)
  16. End Of Transmission 2 (DATA070)
    by Wojciech Golczewski
  17. Artifact
    by Waveshaper
    4. Artifact 4. Artifact
    A rare album that I can't start playing without listening to the whole thing.
  18. Old Tapes
    by College
    Just In Your Heart Just In Your Heart
    Somehow, this album makes me feel like I'm back in my elementary school computer lab.
  19. Ascension
    by Occams Laser
    The Lovers The Lovers
    This would have been the perfect soundtrack for the retro-shooter DUSK!
  20. All Hallows'
    by OGRE and Dallas Campbell
    Woodland Path Woodland Path
    Definitely the best Halloween album I've heard since I was a kid.