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  1. the why not album
    by jeff gburek elecTronica volume II
    adaptacja twórcza adaptacja twórcza
  2. LGBT Rights for Russia Now!
    by LGBT Rights for Russia Now!
    7 - Scanner - Citta 7 - Scanner - Citta
    for such a bad reason as homophobia is I bought an exquisite collection of electronic music, dance or not. it is not usual to find in the same place/compilation such groovy music by so an astonishing number of artists. in the times of neo-medieval repression and obscurantism we can only trust art and artists to voice over their opposition and create music that it is of now and fresh and liberating. Avanti!
  3. Sleep Cloudlessly
    by Heinali
    heinali's music follows me anywhere I go and for some time so; since I heard 'ave moog (for robert moog) back at the beginning of 2010 that I feel very energised and taken by his compositions. I adore miniatures and heinali is a master. you just have to go to his page on soundcloud and you can get lost for hours on his pristine playing and you can feel affection, nostalgia and deep musical endeavour and beauty. I cannot recommend heinali's music more.
  4. Unity
    by SUDUAYA
    Unity Unity
    I must confess I just know 'unity' so far... the cd is coming one of these days on the post. judging for this track (and I am only speaking for this one) suduaya belongs to the very fine tradition of a well placed person/artist that combines mysticism with ethereal beat old fashion techno, which suits me only too well.
  5. Ansiktet
    by Torquem
    Lilla Istiden Lilla Istiden
    this trio from paris has got it: simplicity, melodic and inventive. the use of voice samples is ingenious and gorgeous (the phone call to Dmitri is sublime) though this is mainly an instrumental album.
  6. Bested Bones
    by Thomas Feiner & Ulf Jansson
    thomas feiner is a fine composer and his voice is astonishing raw and earthly. a true artist of subbtle innuendos and sparse lyrics but with immense deepness and beauty (ben)
  7. Many Names
    by Thomas Feiner
    thomas feiner is a fine composer and his voice is astonishing raw and earthly. a true artist of subbtle innuendos and sparse lyrics but with immense deepness and beauty (ben)
  8. no evil
    by moody alien
    four long years four long years
  9. taking to pieces, heaping together
    by Wilhelm Matthies & Sleeping On Lotus Ashes
    Seven for Ashes-1 Seven for Ashes-1
  10. strange days
    by Zenjungle
    flare flare
    one of the greatest artists of 2011 or any year. 'flare' is an akusmatica jazz electronica composition that continues the flag of beauty and experimentalism at the same time. prolific but nevertheless a virtuoso of the saxophone his work is ultimately mozartian and inspiring (ben)
  11. brut pop
    by moody alien
    after sun after sun
    this is an adorable ensemble of compositions, multifaceted and collected with tenderness and inspiration. if at first these look like childish (and there's nothing wrong with that, for starters) soon one discovers intrincacies and polyrhythms and enchantments usually allocated to 'serious' music and works of a larger scale. so, bravo and please listen avidly (ben)
  12. Home Sweet FGLK ( includes 43 pg. photo book )
    by Caalamus
    Dersu Uzala Is My Homeboy Dersu Uzala Is My Homeboy
  13. Granda's last trip ●
    by tunedin52
  14. Mesh
    by Zenjungle & Tunedin52
    mesh 06 mesh 06
  15. The Blue Nature of Everyday
    by Leonardo Rosado
    Variation in Blue #3: The Touch of Your Lips Variation in Blue #3: The Touch of Your Lips
  16. Index04
    by VVAA
    dog with 2 tails dog with 2 tails
    inventive in its simplicity (and that's a real novelty) this compilation and this track surprises without shocking, it is really simple if one goes on multiple listenings - it grows organically actually, multiplex of beats and generated orgasmatrons, quanta of granular efervescence - imaginary soundcapes real and powerful, blade runner with a better soundtrack - a beat is a heart missing a beat (ben)
  17. Ancient Fires
    by Various Artists
    Quality of Light Quality of Light
    to say that this collection is eclectic is nothing. there is serious business here. an array of cosmopolitan genres and choices. not obvious the serenpidity of scents and moves, drum machines do play humanly and ethereal marimbas are imbued in rock and roll space aged cha cha chas. oh, well, i am very happy with multiple labyrinths as it is and life would be better if compilations would be this mish mash of quality and invention. (ben)
  18. Rural Route No. 6
    by Machinefabriek
    Halfslaap Halfslaap