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  1. Playful Spirits
    by In Love With A Ghost
    summer party 3019 summer party 3019
  2. Bonito Generation
    by Kero Kero Bonito
    Trampoline Trampoline
  3. Days of Thunder
    by The Midnight
    Gloria Gloria
  4. Mischief
    by S. J. Tucker
    Witchka Witchka
  5. Trickster Prayer
    by S. J. Tucker
  6. Stolen Season
    by S. J. Tucker
  7. Imbolc Song
    by S. J. Tucker
  8. Sirens
    by S. J. Tucker
    Goddess Goddess
  9. Wonders
    by S. J. Tucker
    Not the Villain Not the Villain
  10. Bang Your Drum
    by Dead Man Fall
  11. Star Maps
    by S. J. Tucker
  12. Mythcreants
    by Tricky Pixie
    Mushroom Song Mushroom Song
  13. 1157 ('Til It's Over) 2020 remixes
    by S. J. Tucker
  14. Magic Circuit
    by Magic Circuit
    Witch Witch
  15. Nocturnal
    by The Midnight
    Crystalline Crystalline
  16. Make Me Real
    by she
  17. Snow Moon
    by S. J. Tucker
  18. Winter Wish 2019 digital EP
    by S. J. Tucker
    Solstice Night (single version) Solstice Night (single version)
  19. Blessings
    by S. J. Tucker
    Handfast Blessing Handfast Blessing
  20. In a Safe Place
    by The Album Leaf
    Window Window